Winning His Omega – Leann Ryans

If you haven't read the genre before, in a nutshell, Omegaverse is a world that developed on fanfic sites such as AO3. It has a wolf like dynamic with alpha's (the men and women in charge), beta's (general population) and omega's (very attractive to alpha's and the only ones that alpha's can reproduce with). These … Continue reading Winning His Omega – Leann Ryans

Saving the Omega’s – Leann Ryans

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Wow, SAVING THE OMEGAS is an exciting fusion of omegaverse, romantic suspense, sci-fi and erotica. We first met Karn in The Omega Prize and, whilst this is a stand alone book, I personally believe reading that first would increase your enjoyment of this story. (Especially as there are several cross-over characters in both … Continue reading Saving the Omega’s – Leann Ryans