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#BookReview #PNR #TBT // Ella’s Masquerade by Lexi C. Foss

Ella’s Masquerade
Midnight Fae Academy Prequel
by Lexi C. Foss

A “blast from the past” review.

Just how did I go from hating Tray to thinking he’s the best thing since sliced bread?

This author’s work never disappoints me. Her stories hold me spellbound, her characters step off the page and become my friends and her imagination just wows me. I really, really enjoyed this story and can’t wait for the Midnight Fae series.

At first, I thought Tray was a real ass, particularly with his talk of “games” and his plans for Ella. However, he soon realised that would never be the correct way to introduce her to her future and I soon found myself genuinely liking him. He continued to tease and torment Ella but he also treated her with respect and love. He really is a swoon-worthy hero. Ella is an amazing heroine, snarky, strong and spectacular as all hell. She’s really got the rough end of the stick but Tray offers her a future she never even dreamed existed.

I totally believed in their connection, they have a chemistry and passion that explodes of the page, leading to some very, VERY, steamy moments. The story is set mainly in the human realm and involved some significant time jumps. Not only were all clearly labelled but they didn’t affect the flow of the story either, instead, they allowed the pace to be maintained and avoided any tedious “fluff and filler”.

This is a wonderful story, one I’m only too happy to recommend, and a great introduction to a new Fae realm. You don’t need to have read any prior books that are linked to the series, and as a stand-alone it’s ideal for sampling both a taste of this author’s amazing writing and getting to know the wonderful universe she has created.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Academy Paranormal Romance


Once upon a time, a handsome prince asked the academy wallflower to the ball. She was blinded by the stars in her own eyes and the pitter-patter of her lonely heart. Little did she know this prince was no prince at all, but a villain disguised behind a charming smile.

There are no such things as fairy tales or happily ever afters. Not in my world. My reality is riddled with pain and loss and immense hatred. Until him.
Trayton Nacht, the new transfer student at Darlington Academy. Something about his darkness calls to me. The way his eyes glimmer in the night and the cruelty of his handsome smile.
With a single glance, he turned my world inside out. And now I can’t get enough.
But what if he’s just like the rest of them? What if this is all just another masquerade?

She stole my heart, once upon a time. Three years ago in an alley where she left me with a pair of sodden blue slippers. Her life had been mine for the taking, until I discovered the fae magic lurking beneath her skin. Now it’s time to recruit her, to take her to her fate.
But first, we’ll play a little game. One that will end in destruction. Because f*ck fairy godmothers.
What Ella needs is a Dark Fae. One who can help her burn Darlington Academy to the ground.
A Dark Fae like me.

Author Note: This is a dark Cinderella retelling with strong bully elements. This M/F PNR features a happily ever after ending and is part of the Midnight Fae Academy world. This is the story of how Tray and Ella first.

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REVIEW – Fantasy Romance // Midnight Fae Academy #4 by Lexi C. Foss

Midnight Fae Academy
Book Four
by Lexi C. Foss

This was a very enjoyable and satisfying conclusion to Aflora’s story, one that held my attention and had me wondering what would happen next. There are several shocking events in this book with Constantine showing just how ruthless he is, how willing he is to go to ANY lengths necessary, in order to gain more power and control.

I’m not going to talk much about the five main characters, since this is book #4 of a series that must read in order, but I do need to mention that I loved how we saw them growing both individually and as a mating circle. Shade in particular comes into his own in this book, whilst the alpha power battles between Zakkai and Zeph proved to be both amusing and hot!

I did find myself skimming several (ok most) of the sex scenes. My focus was on the ascension trials and whilst some of the sex allowed bonds to develop between the men, for me they detracted from the plot. At times it also felt as though those trials were resolved a little too easily, I like my battles to be epic, fantasy is the driving element for me, romance less so. However other readers will be more into the sex and love part and this definitely fulfils those needs extremely well.

At first there appear to be a few lose ends, but a rather intriguing epilogue promises a whole new “hell-fire” series to enjoy!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance


Welcome to the Midnight Fae world.
It’s bloody.
And led by an ancient vampire who needs to die.

My days as a pawn in this war are over. I’m taking over as queen on this board, and in my version of the game, everyone bows to the queen. Even Constantine Nacht.

He thinks he’s clever by roping me into these ascension trials, all meant to kill me and my mates. But I’m going to prove him wrong.
We’re stronger than he thinks. And we’re going to make him bleed.

Earth Fae are all about life. Midnight Fae prefer death.
I’m a mixture of both. So let’s see what happens when life marries death, shall we?

Hand over my crown, Constantine. It’s time for you to kneel for your queen.

Author’s Note: This is the conclusion to the dark paranormal “why choose” Midnight Fae Academy series. It’s strongly recommended that these books be read in order.

Acknowledgements –
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// REVEW \\ Midnight Fae Academy #3

Midnight Fae Academy: Book Three
(Midnight Fae Academy #3)
by Lexi C. Foss

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5 stars. Amazing. What else is there to say?

Well I suppose I could start with how this was my favourite of the series so far (** note these are NOT standalone stories). From the opening lines I was caught hook. line and sinker. This really is one of those books you will want to read in one sitting, so don’t start it if you have important plans that you can’t get out of. Definitely don’t start it late at night, not if you want to get any sleep.

Aflora may be a captive of Zakkai, but that won’t stop her from interacting with Kols, Zeph and Shade, well when she can track that slippery guy down. The steam level of this was possibly lower, though we do get a fantastic MM scene and a real treat towards the end. However I liked that the focus was on the characters and plot, rather than the pages being filled with unnecessary sex scenes. I felt the balance was perfect in this one.

Despite his actions at the end of the last book, I really felt for Shade in this book. His constant sacrifices are enough to break even the strongest of characters and the way he negotiates through the political equivalent of a minefield is breathtaking. The double, triple and quadruple crossing made my mind spin. I still can’t work out the allegiances of some characters, I’m sure there are still plenty of surprises left in store for us. Throughout all this, even when Shade seems to betray the others, no one feels the pain more than him. Everything is done for Aflora, so you can’t help but love the guy.

We eventually start to see the bigger picture, seemingly random events and comments start to tie together. Truths are revealed, as are lies, and Shade very much is at the heart of it all, whether he wants to be or not. Aflora is both a pawn and a catalyst, but whether she can truly tie her mates together remains to be seen. The plot rattles along at break neck speed, with surprises jumping out from some very unexpected quarters. I just can’t sing the praises of this ongoing story enough. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre – PNR / Reverse Harem

Retribution. Reformation. Two sides of a revolution, both vying for my allegiance. Well, I pick neither side.
I’m an Earth Fae Royal bound to four Midnight Fae. My powers are growing stronger every day, and I’m tired of being a pawn in a war I don’t understand. Now that I know all the players involved and the risks at stake, I’m ready to ascend.
No more tricks. No more lies. No more deadly secrets.
My name is Aflora. Your future Queen of the Midnight Fae.
And I’m done playing your games.
Welcome to the new reign, boys. I make the rules here. And I will not bow.

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30 Day Book Challenge

Day #10 – A Wedding

So I have two picks for today – not only because they are at the extremes ends of the spectrum but also because they are pivotal scenes in their respective stories. One book features the wedding at the start, one towards the end.

The first book is Happily Ever Crowned, by Lexi C Foss and Anna Edwards. This is a dark PNR where the wedding is very much NOT a happy and joyous occasion, not for the heroine.

The second book is the final part of the Just An Illusion trilogy, Just An Illusion – EP, by D. Kelly. This is a very happy, though poignant wedding and the words “it’s in the bag” still send shivers down my spine. The book is very much a box of kleenex, bottle of wine and something to cuddle read. It is eviscerating, second only to The Girl and Her Ren in the Ugly Cry Stakes.

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Review //\\ Happily Ever Bitten

Happily Ever Bitten (Underworld Royals #2) by Lexi C. Foss and Anna Edwards

The first few chapters felt a little slow, but it soon picked up pace and then it felt like non-stop action until the very end. Zaya and Grigory had me utterly enamoured with them. Zaya with her strength edged with vulnerability and Grigory with his play-boy exterior that hid a man who not only took his responsibilities seriously, but who also cared deeply.

Whilst this can be read stand alone, I do think the enjoyment will be enhanced if you have read Happily Ever Crowned, the previous book in the series. Though I do need to warn that Crowned has some very dark scenes in the beginning, including dubious and non-consent.  Bitten is an exciting, twisty, scorching hot and totally unpredictable paranormal romance. There are lies, plots, secrets and the usual manipulation behind the scenes by Lucifer. I still want to poke his eyes out, but without his cruel plotting Zaya wouldn’t be the woman she is.

I felt this got the balance between plot and romance just right. The amazing story was enhanced by the scorching hot scenes between Zaya and Grigory, not to mention the tender moments that convinced me of the their feelings for one another. I want to say nothing felt unrealistic, which would be silly because this is a book about demons, magic and the underworld. However what I really mean is that the characters felt real, I was there with them, not just reading about them. Their battles became my battles and I became totally wrapped up in their tale.

This is a great book that I highly recommend to those who enjoy a well written paranormal/demons romance. I can’t wait for book 3!

Title – Happily Ever Bitten (Underworld Royals #2)
Author – Lexi C. Foss & Anna Edwards
Genre – Paranormal Romance

A Halfling.
My designation. A plague. An essential death sentence in the Underworld. Until I met him. A Noxia Prince.
He’s arrogant, a playboy, and the male who saved my life. Except he never gave me a choice, his blood tying me to him for an eternity of servitude. And I’m not sure I want to pay that price.
An unspeakable past. Monsters haunt my nightmares. Most of them dead. But a few are still alive, and so I’ll hunt them. Torture them. Slay them all. Even if it brings about an early demise.

A courtship signed in blood. One bite sealed my fate. But someone is playing a dangerous game, and she’ll stop at nothing to see me destroyed.
Life is a journey to death. Sometimes the only way to truly live is to die.
But I’m not going down without a fight.