REVIEW – Contemporary Romance // Black Light: Wanted by Maren Smith

Black Light: Wanted
(Black Light Series Book 22) 
by Maren Smith

She needed to tell him no, for her own sake and survival.
And yet, what finally came pouring out of her was very different.
“I’d like that very much.”
She wasn’t just playing with fire.

She was dousing herself in gasoline first.

This is a touching story of two damaged individuals, one broken in body the other in mind. Together they form a connection, a bond, that brings about their healing, though the journey is a difficult one and there are many bumps on the path to happiness. It took no effort whatsoever to read, in fact I simply flew through the pages and was surprised when I found I had neared the end of this.

From the very first moment he appears in the book I loved Marcus, with all his sexy dominance and tough love attitude. My heart went out to Anna, so broken, despairing and unable to function or to think for herself. Not only had she reached rock bottom she had sunk into the very bedrock below. Yet somehow this damaged young woman turns out to be the cure for a Dom who has lost all his hope. Watching them both find their way back to who they truly are and what they wanted, needed, to be was so heart warming.

The emotion in this book was less in their love story and more about their healing. Anna had already been through so much that we didn’t need any artificially generated angst. It would be easy to assume Anna had latched onto Marcus as a Dom in an “any port in a storm” way. However the scenes at Black Light made it clear that it was the man, not the Dom, who was her anchor. I would have liked to be more convinced that Anna was more independent, more in control of her own life and not just allowing another Dom to run it for her. The timeline jumps, whilst clearly stated, also didn’t help in showing the pair of them building a connection. It fell more into tell than show a few times.

The most emotional scene for me was the reunion between Cynthia and Anna, I didn’t realise how much I needed to see that happen. In fact I would have appreciated more scenes of Anna with other people, especially fellow submissives as well as the other coterie girls. There wasn’t a lot of BDSM play in this, but it wouldn’t be appropriate for the story. Don’t worry though, it still has plenty of hot moments to enjoy!

Whilst this is a stand alone book reading the previous 3 stories, which feature the other three victims of Ethan’s coterie, allows one to build a much deeper understanding of why Anna is the way she is. In Black Light: Brave Anna doesn’t come across all that well, but here we truly get to see the wonderful and caring submissive who just wanted to be wanted and would do anything for her Dom’s approval. TL:DR This is a lovely romance that rounds off this series-within-a-series perfectly.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Erotica BDSM Romance


He had her the longest… he hurt her the most…

Anna “Pony” Mitchell should be dead. Abandoned by her Menagerie sisters and shot by the only man she’s ever loved, now the hospital has declared her “unfit.” She has thirty days to prove them wrong or spend the rest of her life hospitalized.

He lost his leg, his job… and almost his life.

Marcus Hawke knows he’s not much good to anyone anymore, but when an old friend calls in a favor, he doesn’t say no. It’s been years since he’s deprogrammed anyone this badly wounded, but for every inch of progress she gains, he soon realizes he’s got bigger problems. It doesn’t matter what lies he tells himself, she isn’t just a job anymore.

He wants her…

But after all she’s been through, she deserves better than what a half-man can give.

She wants him…

But after all he’s been through, he’s made it clear he’ll never be her dom.

For two people at rock bottom, there’s only one choice left to make: Do they help each other heal… or drown?

Review //\\ Ray by Maren Smith

Ray (Dad Bod Doms #3)
by Maren Smith

As a person of more mature years myself, I thoroughly enjoyed reading a story about a couple that had a few years under their belts and all the baggage that marriage and kids bring to the table. I found both main characters very likeable and very real.  This was a really easy to read book, it easily held my attention and definitely entertained. Reading it on public transport thought perhaps wasn’t one of my better ideas – some of the scenes definitely weren’t ones I wanted someone reading over my shoulder!

Amidst those very hot and sexy moments there were also some very funny (and sadly all to familiar) moments. Poor Ally was certainly put through the emotional wringer and possibly needed shares in kleenex. However, despite how much she cried, I always felt immense sympathy for her and never once felt irritated or frustrated. Whilst some of the issues arose from not being honest with one another regarding their worries, so many of us are guilty of exactly the same thing. Not voicing our fears, our wants, our dreams because it’s so scary and might go so badly wrong, this was another aspect I could empathise with.

It’s very minor but I did feel as though their baby sitter issues were very easily solved. If getting to Stronghold had fizzled out because it was too difficult with kids, a sudden decision to start going each week was, in reality, never going to hold water. However in the grand scheme of things it’s a minor issue that I was happy to let go.

TL;DR – so to sum up it’s a great book with enough realism to ring a bell with many of us. It has plenty of steam, a few laughs, some tears and a great couple who you will fall in love with as they reconnect and fall even deeper in love with one another. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Genre – Erotic/ BDSM Romance
Goodreads –

Four men… One challenge.
The Dad Bod Doms are ready to put the spark back in their relationships and prove their mettle.
By trying to save my marriage… I may have just ended it. I have an amazing wife and I’m not about to lose her because I stopped putting in an effort.
As a former Army Captain, I decided to bite the bullet and get my act together.
It was time to put boots on the ground and show her who’s the Master in our house. Only problem is… now she thinks I’m having an affair.
She’s the only one for me and I’ll fight to keep what’s mine.
It’s time I remind my wife what Army strong really means.

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REVIEW //\\ Black Light: Brave

Black Light: Brave
(Black Light #16)
by Maren Smith

Oh my word this book is a whirling maelstrom of all the feels.

I think Maren Smith has left me a little bit broken after reading, Brave. I cries so many times, so many tears, as my heart broke repeatedly for the heroine’s suffering. She may also have created the most perfect and amazing Dom in Carlson. She isn’t a little, and he isn’t a Daddy but he was as gentle, caring and nurturing as any girl could want and as the heroine definitely needed.

I don’t want to keep referring to her as Puppy, even though this is how she refers to, and thinks of, herself for a LOT of the story. However I don’t want to ruin any special moments of the book, so do forgive me for referring to the heroine as ‘her’. Puppy feels like I’m giving power to Ethen, and even though he is, in fact all of them are, fictional characters in a book, I just can’t bring myself to do it. 🤷‍♂️

Every moment of suffering, every kernel of hope, every second of joy, every tear, every smile, every touch, hug and kiss was suffused with emotion, the depths of which had me reeling. We’ve lived through Piggy and Kitty’s tales and THEY were both powerful reads but this, this one touched the very depths of my soul and to my mind is one of Maren Smith’s best works ever.

There’s actually very little BDSM play in this, and I stress the word play because it’s very much a story of domination and submission. Carlson identifies as a Dom, but acknowledges that he is more of a Head of Household, responsible for his submissive, ensuring her health and wellbeing at all times. So the BDSM aspect was more mental, more emotional, more about forging a connection and forming a bond between the Dominant and his submissive. And boy oh boy was that beautifully done.

Brave is a story of overcoming fear, learning to trust again, believing in oneself and taking control by giving up control. I highly recommend this to all those who’ve enjoyed any Black Light book, enjoy books in the BDSM genre or enjoy a well written story that is full of feels. It can be read stand alone and whilst it does mention spoilers for both previous stories (Black Light Fearless and the short story Shameless in the Roulette Redux anthology) there is enough information provided here to follow the story easily. Roll on Pony and Marcus’ story.

It started with Piggy. It escalated with Kitty. It ends with Puppy.

For almost a year, Ethen O’Dowell has been locked behind bars and yet Puppy is far from free. A legal ward of her parents, she shares her bedroom with Pony, the only part of her old, submissive life that she has left… apart from the guilt, the fear, and the weekly punishments Ethen dishes out every time they visit him. Escape is all Puppy dreams about. Escape and somehow finding the courage to once more become the person she used to be–someone who lived life on her own terms and never let herself be afraid. Sadly, those days are long over, and as the old saying goes, there’s just no getting them back again. Or is there?

It’s a dead night at Black Light when ex-military man Carlson Garvey decides all he wants is a quiet drink and some downtime to practice his Shibari. What he isn’t expecting is the petite brunette who plops down at his table, squeaks out a terrified hello, and promptly flees again. There’s a story here and although he doesn’t know it, Carlson doesn’t need to. He recognizes a broken soul when he sees one.

Sometimes the only thing a broken person needs is the right Dom willing to intervene.

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Can their relationship ever survive beyond the castle’s walls?

Find out in Educating Ella by Katie Douglas … AVAILABLE NOW!!

4.25 stars

This is less Daddy Dom, more school master/school girl, and one incredibly hot read to boot.

The author managed to incorporate a fantastic mix of story, emotion, character development and kinky play. The two main characters, ‘Ella’ and ‘Idris’, really drew me into the story and I soon found myself rooting for them to forge a deeper connection.
I loved how the author meshed Ella’s strong personality from her everyday life with her submissive side. Both elements were cleverly portrayed and led to her being both a likeable and very believable character.

Whilst Idris was definitely a dominant character, he didn’t feel overwhelmingly alpha with it. In fact he was more like the nurturing and guiding school master he ‘played’ at the castle, which I found very refreshing and was totally on board with.

I have the book on pre-order and will review the remaining stories when I get chance to read them, but would happily recommend the book just based on this story alone.

Get it ONLY on Amazon as a part of Daddies of the Castle: A Masters of the Castle Anthology

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Welcome back to the Castle.

After almost a year of construction, the Castle looms on the cusp of its grand reopening. The only problem is, it isn’t ready. Something is up with the construction crew Marshall had hired to get them back to full working order. So when, two days before guests are due to arrive, the construction company bails, leaving Marshall with a Castle that is barely functional, he is forced to do the unthinkable. He calls in outside help in the form of any contract laborer who will answer his call.

In addition to Wanting Winona, a full-length story by Maren Smith, eight of the hottest authors have teamed up to bring you seven brand new novellas including:

Educating Ella by Katie Douglas
When mischievous Ella picks up the wrong phone by mistake, she finds herself under the watchful gaze of a stern British billionaire daddy, who intends to teach her how naughty schoolgirls should behave. But how can their relationship ever survive beyond the castle’s walls?


About Katie Douglas

USA Today and worldwide number 1 bestselling author Katie Douglas is the sort of incorrigible British girl you’d find at St Trinian’s. She recently quit her job as a school librarian in China to write steamy romance full-time, and loves reading and writing books filled with steamy alphas with hearts of gold. She prefers cozy diners to fancy restaurants, coffee or whisky to champagne, and sometimes she adults.

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Her Montana Master (Stateside Doms Book 1) by Maren Smith

Reading this made me want to immediately one-click all the Maren Smith books I haven’t yet bought.

This was just – *swoon*,  sigh – quite simply wonderful. The whole book revolves very much around Maddon and Clover, with just a handful of scenes involving other characters. This allows us to really form a connection with both main characters, believe in them and understand them. The emotion, wanting and heart ache both crushed me and filled me with a sense of longing of my own. 

Clover is so vulnerable, so damaged by the men in her life and her constant poor choices, Maddon has his own issues but is the rock that anchors her world. The chemistry and bond the author portrayed between the pair held me spellbound from the first to last word. I may even have shed the odd tear, especially at the end. The only reason I didn’t read it in one go was that it got so late I fell asleep before I could read it all.

This was very much a book you never wanted to end, it was sweet, steamy, loving, happy, sad and troubled all in one well written package. Madden is such a caring, loving Dom, not perfect but perfect for Clover. Strict when he needs to be, recognising Clover’s needs and filling them. Whilst the BDSM content is fairly ‘light’ it was still extremely hot and fitted well with the story. I’m definitely looking forward to more books in this series.


He’s known her since she was two…

Abandoned by her father, ignored by her mother, Clover Harris has always fantasized about her brother’s best friend. He’s the only person in her life who’s always been there. The only problem: he’s never shown any interest in her as anything more than a little sister. Until the day she loses everything. Cast out of her home, with nothing and nowhere to go, Clover does what she always has. She runs… straight to Madden, only this time, he’s all done playing big brother.

He’s loved her since she was twelve…

A dominant man, Madden Briggs knows a submissive when he sees one, and in Clover he sees everything he’s ever wanted, but she’s kept him strictly in the like-a-brother zone for more than twenty years. That all comes to an end the day she shows up at his door. She wants a job; he hires her. She needs money; he’ll let her earn it. She dreams about a car so she can leave this town forever; he’ll even teach her how to drive. But it’s the lost and scared submissive inside her that he aches to touch, and her willingness to obey becomes his addiction. 

And in the end, she’s still going to leave… unless Her Montana Master can somehow change her mind.




HER CONSORT by Maren Smith


From salvage mission to cluster-fuck before they even got out of the hatch. That was some kind of record… even for them.

Her Consort by Maren Smith … Coming March 26!

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She was a salvage operator, patrolling the depths of deep space.
He was a professional consort to royalty, built like a Neanderthal. Twice her width and twice her weight, his six-pack abs had six-pack abs. She knew, because she’d seen them.
It really was kind of too bad they didn’t get along.


About Maren Smith:

Fortunate enough to live with my Daddy Dom, I am a Little, coffee fanatic, administrator at two of my local BDSM dungeons, resident of the wilds of freakin’ Kansas (still don’t know how I ended up here) and submissive to the love of my life. An International and USA Bestselling Author, I have penned more than 160 novels, novellas and short stories, and am the author of the Masters of the Castle series.

I also write under the names of Denise Hall, Darla Phelps, and Penny Alley.

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