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Review //\\ The Devil

The Devil (Devil Series #4) by Raven Steele

What a really epic ending to a great series.

The Devil
 is book #4 in a series and cannot be read standalone. It’s written first person, from both Lucian and Eve’s point of view, allowing us to get a real insight into the characters and their motivations. The story is fast-paced with lots of “mini-battles” on the way to the big showdown. And even that didn’t go as expected and threw further twists into the story.

My attention was readily held by the book, the writing flows so well and it was easy to follow the action. It wasn’t until I read the “End of Book Stuff” that I discovered Liam, LLona and May feature in a separate series. I have to admire how well the author wrote these characters into this book, I picked up everything I needed to know without their being an enormous information dump.

The Devil Series is a great urban fantasy series. It’s suitable for mature teens through to adults and will leave you wanting to read the rest of the author’s books!

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Title – The Devil
Author – Raven Steele
Genre – Urban Fantasy
Goodreads –

Our souls are connected. Not even fate can break it.”
The Devil’s Soldier is dead. But he left devastation in his wake. The world has changed. Eve has changed. Demons plague her mind and soul.
I try to hang onto her but she disappears. Becomes someone else. So she can forget. And now I’m on the hunt. But I’m not the only one.
The President and the DSRD also want her.
But what they don’t realize is she is MINE.
I will protect her at all costs, even against herself. For she is my soulmate, bound to me by order of the moon and stars. God help anyone who stands in my way.

This novel was previously published under Rachel McClellan and includes new content.


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

It doesn’t seem two minutes have passed since I mentioned that surely we couldn’t be in June already. Now we’re well over half way through. 2020 really is the strangest year most of us will ever live through. It’s hard to believe we have been under restrictions for over three months in the UK, they are slowly being relaxed (though not always as slowly as some of us would like). Sadly too many people are behaving as though the threat were over and covid-19 no longer exists. Quick onto happier thoughts!

Thank you to Kathryn at Book Date for hosting this meme. I love joining in each week, even if I do forget to link up to her blog – Doh! For the first time in a LONG time, I’m talking years here, I have a month that isn’t overloaded with arc reads. Even more amazing is that my calendar for July holds just 3 arc reads in total. For too long I was lucky if that was the number for a week! I do know that there will probably be at least 2 or 3 more books that drop on me during the month, from the arc teams I belong to.

The Books I Read Last Week

Reading was very kind to me last week. I enjoyed all four books that I read, 2 were arcs and 2 were re-reads ready to complete the series this week, hopefully.

Currently Reading

I’m reading the two books concurrently because my mind feels like a flitting butterfly at present and it refuses to settle on one book!

Please Let Me Get These Read This Week

The first two are deadlined arcs, the other two are arcs that I really should have completed by now, but have been struggling to get too or to settle with. That is totally due to me and not the writing, I usually enjoy reading both of the authors.

So that’s my reading week. What are your plans? Are you tackling that TBR mountain? Too busy to read much (boo to whatever is making that true)? Enjoying re-reads, or searching for something new? Whatever your plans, keep safe, be happy and enjoy your books!

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Ignite by Raven Steele

Reading Ignite is like riding a roller-coaster, full of highs and lows, unexpected turns, sudden twists and a mighty impressive ending.

Ignite is a little more young adult than I normally read, heated kisses were as steamy as this book got, but great writing and an amazing story meant I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Rose is a misfit at the start of the book, the kid that is either ignored or picked on. Until she joins Solar Academy, a school for supernaturals, and finds her tribe of fellow misfits. She also catches the attention of the super cool (pun intended) Hudson, one of the ‘in guys’, part of the ‘Red Letter’ crew. His ice magic is drawn to Rose’s fire and together they will either become something amazing or a disaster of epic proportions.

Added into all this is Rose, and her friends, determination to prove Aurora’s innocence and save her mother from certain death. The story to this part builds up quite slowly, though at no point did the story feel like it dragged. Instead we had some amazing world building, getting to know characters, seeing relationships (both romantic and platonic) develop, as well as watching Rose learn to control and use her abilities. I loved how the author took time to introduce us to side characters, as well as developing them in their own right. Not only was really good to see the friendship between Rose, Ireland, Bonnie and Bennie but the author cleverly wove their unique skills and abilities into the plot.

The ending builds and develops fairly quickly, with lots of unexpected twists and surprises along the way. There was something that I felt I should have seen coming but totally didn’t. With hindsight I could see all the foreshadowing and clues dropped along the way but…. nope missed it and loved it too. It also wasn’t anything like the ending I was expecting.

I hope we don’t have to wait too long for the next one! 

“Fire burns inside me, and it wants out.”
Solar Academy was the last place Rose wanted to go, but after mentally igniting a boy on fire at her current high school, her father insists she attends so she can learn to control her powers. All her life, the fire inside her has raged. It doesn’t help that years earlier Aurora, her mother and the one they call Sleeping Beauty, had unleashed her own fire killing dozens of innocent people.
Now Aurora sleeps in an eternal slumber protected by dark magic no one can break. Which is just as well. Rose is desperate to break free from her mother’s murdering shadow and prove to people that she is more than the flames burning inside her.
With the help of new friends at Solar Academy, Rose finally feels like she belongs. But when she discovers a web of lies surrounding her mother’s imprisonment, she’s forced to confront the past and come face to face with the darkness that also pulled her mother into its evil grasp. The only way to fight it is to release her own raging inferno, even if that means harming her friends and the boy she’s falling in love with



It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Book Date. It’s a chance to share the good, the bad and the ugly of your recent reads, as well as looking forward to the reading week ahead.

Books I Read Last Week

I had a real binge reading week – including the incredible Reign Trilogy by Zoey Ellis. The other 4 books were all arc reads that release this week. If I had to pick one to recommend, it would be Black Light: Charmed by Jennifer Bene, though Nathan by Elin Peer is a very close second.

What Am I Currently Reading?

What I Also Hope To Read Soon

Book Review · PNR

REVIEW //\\ The Devil’s Soldier

Wow what a twisty read this was. Written in dual pov we had so many nearly moments between Lucian and Eve, but life, magic and Boaz seem determined to keep this pair apart. This is a rewrite of a book originally released under the authors other pen name, Rachel McClellan and it was the one where I felt the most changes had been made.

In my original review I’d felt a lack of emotion and hadn’t believed in the depth of the connection between Lucian and Eve – my word that was no longer true. You could feel the sparks from the electricity this pair generated. I was totally convinced of the passion, longing and love between them. The emotional battles they both endured was exhausting but in the best way possible.

The book will break your heart at times, have you on the edge of your seat at others and will keep you wondering about just what will happen next. Some books I’ve read recently felt a little stale, they failed to capture me, this one thoroughly entertained me and I can’t wait to read the final part of this story.

“My silence is not weakness, but the beginning of my revenge.”


Eve is gone. They took her from me.

I will have my revenge.

So I train. Hone my body and my mind.

But rage burns in my veins. Fuels my anger.

I let it fester and grow to use against him:

The Devil’s Soldier.

I will destroy everything he knows.


The world believes I’m dead. It’s the only way.

For now, I hide in the shadows.

Growing stronger, more determined.

For the Devil’s Soldier must be stopped.

And I will stop him!

Only then can I be with the man I love.

In this full-length, paranormal romance series, Steele introduces readers to a dark and sexy world full of vampires and witches. If you like Laurell K. Hamilton and Anne Rice, you will LOVE this series! Scroll up and grab this paranormal romance TODAY!

This novel was previously published under Rachel McClellan and includes new content.

** Intended for adult readers. **