PAVO (Dragon King Book #1) by S Cinders

An exciting new spin off in the Lycan Mating Games world

This particular book can be read stand alone without having read the other ‘Lycan’ books. There is no character cross-over and very little reference to the previous books either. Whether future books will need you to have read the other 3 I wouldn’t like to say.

I very much enjoyed Zoe and Cane’s story, which is fairly low angst, they fight their battles together rather than against each other. It’s a very hot, insta-lust story, leading to a fairly insta-love situation. Whilst I’m not a huge fan of these in contemporary romances, in a paranormal/fantasy romance I’m much less picky. The chemistry between Cane and Zoe is scorching hot – this is one sexy and erotic read. There is spanking so if a dominant man spanking/disciplining a submissive female is likely to offend you this probably isn’t the book for you. 

We get the start of Ava and Titus’ story (I very much hope we will be seeing more of them in the next book!) and also met some other fascinating and intriguing characters. There are some good world building elements in this, I really liked the whole Norse mythology aspect.

Would I like more depth in the books? Yes, I love a book that takes me on a journey both emotionally and with it’s story. One where we see the characters grow and develop, revealing hidden depths. However sometimes all you want/need is a light read that you can get absorbed by and complete easily without too much stress or anxiety. This is just such a read. There is complexity in the plot, plenty of heat, good twists and some very easy to like characters. I also enjoyed the pop culture Marvel references!

S Cinders has an unerring ability to write an engaging and fun story that has plenty of surprises too.

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” Let’s just say that the other realms have been reminded of our presence. Take the message to the wolves that the dragons are coming.” 

In the generations since they came to Earth, they have forgotten their true beginnings. There are said to only be five realms that are connected to ours: Earth, Pavo, Fae, Asgard, and the Shadow Lands.

This is a story about Pavo, the dragon realm, and the four dominant Dragon Kings who rule there. For years there has been a liaison between the realms to supply the lusty dragons with sensual companionship. Zoe, a voluptuous librarian, accidentally stumbles upon the earthly portal and is transported to Pavo. Upon first glance of her beauty, Cane knows that he must have her in his bed – no matter the cost. Zoe finds herself drawn to the alpha dragon king and his fiery temperament. But a dragon could never mate with a human – could he?

Meanwhile, a sinister evil far greater than anything they have yet faced is coming for their kind. Thankfully, they have allies: wild, sensual creatures with scales and wings. They are ancient beasts that have sworn to protect the five realms.

Publisher’s Note: This action-packed, steamy sci-fi romance contains elements of power exchange.

LUCY (Virgin Vampire #3) by S Cinders

4 Stars – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

These books are just getting better and better!

Whilst Lucy could be read as a stand alone, there is a wonderful overarching story line that runs through out the series. I would recommend reading the previous two books first, as that would ensure you get the best reading experience possible. The books are fast paced, steamy, RH/menage, vampire romances with a side order of humour and a garnish of adventure. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Lucy, Marcus and Henry’s story, it provided a very fun and pleasant afternoon’s reading. This trio have one heck of a lot of chemistry that will really heat up your e-reader. This is perfectly balanced by an action-packed, adventure filled plot. The length of the book means that we don’t get a massive amount of depth to the characters BUT it really doesn’t matter. They are still very likeable and totally draw you into the story.

This is a set of books I am only to happy to recommend, particularly if you enjoy NA paranormal romance. I really do love the series and can’t wait for Lola’s book.


Raised in the caves, Lucy was taken as a baby and hidden away from those that massacred her family. 

But due to a spell that went wrong, she learns that she not only has two sisters, but she is a twin. 

Now Lucy has to decide if she wants to fight in a war that was not of her choosing. 

Not only that, but she has growing feelings for Henry. Which makes life terribly uncomfortable when she’s already in love with Marcus, Henry’s brother. 

This is the third instalment of the Virgin Vampire series. Each story features a different sister’s journey on her way to love. 


ELLA (Lycan Mating Games #3) by S Cinders

4 STARS – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The Lycan Mating Games books are set in a world where paranormal beings secretly live amongst humans. Ella is the third book in this interlinked series.

Ella is one action packed, roller coaster of a conclusion to Ella and James’ story.

Full of steam, adventure, mystery and peril this book had me gripped from start to finish.  Ella needs to be read after James, (Book 2 of the Lycan Mating Games). Both are enhanced by reading the first book, Finn, a book that is very much worth reading in it’s own right too.

Whilst the story mainly focuses on James and Ella, we do also get chapters from Clarence and Jesse’s point of views too. The book is first person, but very clear labelling of chapters makes it easy to keep track of viewpoints. I also found that it helped me to really get an understanding of the different characters, along with their motivations and feelings.

The story flows smoothly, S Cinders has a very easy to read style of writing that captures your imagination and easily holds your attention. Her characters are very easy to like and, magical abilities notwithstanding, they are also believable in their emotions and reactions.

Whilst this book completed James and Ella’s part of the story, there were a few mysteries thrown in towards the end that have already hooked me into wanting to read the next book. This is a series I would recommend to those who love steaming hot paranormal/shifter romances and those who enjoy paranormal adventure stories. The heat levels and language do make this an adult read.



In the blink of an eye, James’ world turned upside down. Now he must travel into the past to find Jessie, who has disturbed the fabric of time, and put everything back to rights. But he won’t be going alone. With Ella at his side, he will bargain with the Fairy Court, meet the family members they never knew existed, and walk the halls of the infamous academy where the Lycan Mating Games began.

Can they, once and for all, put the USLUF behind them? Or is this only the beginning?Welcome to Lycan Mating Games 3: Ella. 

Publisher’s Note: This steamy sci-fi action romance contains very graphic scenes. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it.


“Your mother and I have decided that it is high time you married. We need to know that the succession to the throne is secure.”
I choked on my orange juice, trying not to gape at my father, Oberon, the King of the Fae.
I wiped my mouth with a napkin. “You can’t be serious.”
My mother, Titania, raised a brow. “We have allowed you to run wild for far too long. It has brought you into a touch of melancholy that I cannot like.”
My heart began to thump. “I am not ready for marriage!”
“You have been in your adult years for centuries, Jessie,” Oberon admonished. “It’s not as if you would be a child bride.”
Titania frowned. “You have been with us for nearly a month now, and all you’ve done is mope about the castle. It is high time you did something with your life and stopped moping over that Lycan.”

Five Fun Facts

  1. When I first started writing Lycan it was on the Radish app. I had no idea that it would garner over 400k reads on that app alone.
  2. Mike was one of my least favorite characters at first. I had to dig deep to see why he acted so cocky and rude. I suppose with Dr. Rinwald as a step-father, he had plenty of internal angst.
  3. Shelly seems to be have left out from finding her one and only, but here is a little secret… her time is coming.
  4. Lycan’s didn’t use to age. That is something that only started happening in recent years.
  5. There are seven planned books in the series, possibly more!

JAMES – S Cinders

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ – 4 Stars

Hot, action packed and exciting, this well written book will hold your attention from start to finish

James is set 20ish years after Finn . Whilst you could read it stand alone, I would recommend reading the first book so that you fully understand the background to this story. It’s not a hardship as both books are fun, hot and entertaining reads. This book totally drew me in and I found myself reading late into the night, wanting to finish it. Exhaustion won out, but I grabbed it the next morning and devoured the last few chapters STAT.

The book starts halfway through Ella and James escaping from the GMU. Alone, afraid and with Ella seriously hurt James takes a stranger up on his offer of help. That stranger and his business partner are familiar faces from book #1. Along with the help of some co-workers they teach James and Ella some of the things they need to know in life.

We then get a period of time in the book where the relationship developed between James and Ella. Given the setting they were in, and the lifestyle they were exposed to, it wasn’t surprising how quickly it evolved into a very explosive sexual situation. What follows are some incredibly hot scenes, including some BDSM play and exhibitionism. Whilst these scenes flow incredibly well, and the passion between James and Ella was very believable, after a little reflection time I see a few ‘faults in the pattern’ and have a few ‘I wish that…’ moments.

As genetically modified and highly intelligent lycans, I can sort of accept that James and Ella quickly adapted to a world they had never encountered before BUT they seemed to do it far to seamlessly and easily. And whilst the sex-club element of the story allowed for some incredibly steamy sex scenes, it felt like that was it’s only purpose. For me it didn’t actually develop the plot in any way. I liked that we had a ‘quiet’ period of time where James and Ella were free to explore their connection, but unnecessary sex scenes distracted from this.

We then get a situation that leads to a total change in the lives of many of the books characters. Personally I would have preferred LESS of a focus on James and Ella’s time at Club Lycan and more detail on the following year. Having followed the pair of them at this time, as they prepared for the trials ahead of them, would have transformed this from a very good to a truly great book. But again, that’s ‘me’ and my preference, it’s why for me this was 4 stars rather than 5. It’s still a good book, and better than many others out there.

The author has some amazing ideas and the twists and turns we got in the last quarter of the book left my head spinning. My word the pace was break-neck speed at some points, though clever writing allows you to easily keep up. Then you get to the end, which is a cliff-hanger, not a total tear your hair out cliffie, but definitely a ‘when’s the next book up?’ one.

So if you enjoy steamy, NA, paranormal, action-packed romance then this is perfect for you.

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Ella and James have been prisoners of a madman ever since they were stolen from their mothers at birth. They were raised in a top-secret facility and genetically modified to be the fastest, strongest, and most powerful Lycan assassins on Earth.

After escaping, they find themselves thrust into the outside world with no life experience and only one another to rely on. Suddenly, they are faced with choices they are ill-equipped to deal with: lust, alcohol, crime, and murder… to name but a few.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy fantasy shifter romance contains elements of power exchange.