#SixForSunday // April Week #3

Six For Sunday – April – The Viper-inspired ones

Six for Sunday (#SixForSunday) is a weekly meme hosted by Steph over at A Little But a Lot. The prompts for each week are up well in advance and they are a great way to share your love of all things book.

4th – Books with snakes on the cover/in the title
11th – Magical books

18th – Fictional islands you’d like to visit

25th – Characters who would make great ships captains

I’m not sure that all of these are islands, so I’m just going for fictional lands instead.

First up is The Protector which is set on a real island, Victoria Island Canada, but in a future, dystopian world. I’d quite like to visit this place which is both more AND less advanced than the present day Earth.

Reign to Ruin is set on a continent that has strong Eastern/Oriental vibes. It’s a totally fictitious world that is low tech but also has magic.

The author created a very intriguing premise in The Night Sender. I would love to not only visit the lands where this book is set but also meet these mysterious creatures.

Andorra Sector is another dystopian future earth setting, though in this world there are shifters and zombies to contend with.

Finally I would love to visit the amazing, sentient world that is Aerthe and visit all the different races and cultures who reside there.

The Protector (Men of the North #1) by Elin Peer

Dystopian/Science Fiction

My Review – https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2046106072

400 years in the future, men are few and women rule the world.
Except for the area formerly known as Canada and Alaska, which is inhabited by the Men of the Northlands, a group of strong men, who refuse to be ruled by women.

Christina Sanders, an archeologist and professor in history, is fascinated with the past. As a modern woman of year 2437 she knows that women are better off without men, but longing for an adventure, she makes a spontaneous decision and volunteers for a job no one else wants. Now she’s going to lead an archeological excavation in the Northlands, the most secluded place on earth where the mythical males live who are rumored to be as brutal and dangerous as the men Christina has read about in her history books.

What will happen when Christina crosses into the men’s territory? Will they allow her to do her job and is there any way they’ll let her leave again – unharmed?

Reign to Ruin (Myth of Omega #4) by Zoey Ellis

PNR/ Omegaverse

My Review https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2460263947

He caught her in his castle… and now the games begin.
When King Malloron uncovers Amara, a rare, beautiful Omega, he entraps her for his own needs. Her fiery eyes stir something primal he cannot ignore, and he forces a degrading deal with her so he can take his pleasure as he chooses.

Amara works against him, determined to fight the carnal hold he has over her. But the way he takes her, fires something deep within that she never knew existed.

With each encounter, she begins to unravel… and much to his disgust, so does he.

The Night Sender Christina Tsirkas

Paranormal New Adult Romance

My Reviewhttps://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3698726718

Who are the night senders? Where do they come from? Why are they so shrouded in secrecy?
These are the questions Rose Woodburn desperately wants answered.
At midnight on her 18th birthday, Rose, like all ladies of the court, receives a visit from one of the night senders. It is a coming of age rite she has been warned to fear, but Rose, always defiant, is not scared. She’s fascinated by these creatures.
When the visit awakens a part of her she never knew existed, Rose begs her night sender, Roosha, to return. But Roosha, condemned to a life of servitude, is bound by sacred law never to see her again.
Undeterred, Rose embarks on a mission to uncover the secrets surrounding these mystical creatures and their true purpose—a mission that will reveal far more than she bargained for and forge an unlikely alliance. But can it be trusted?
Obsessed with discovering the truth, Rose finds herself on a harrowing path of self-discovery and drawn into an affair so forbidden, its punishment is a fate far worse than death.

Andorra Sector (X-Clan #1) by Lexi C. Foss

Paranormal Romance

My Review – https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3130393727

Katriana Cardona
My life ended the moment the X-Clan found me. Bitten. Turned. And claimed by him.
My genetic markers label me as a rare omega. But inside, I’m all female alpha. And I will not heel. Not even to the Alpha of Andorra Sector.
Ander Cain promises me protection.
A new world of pleasure and pain.
But he wants all of me in return.
Even if it means taking me by force.
I’ll be damned if I give up my inner fight. I spent the last twenty years battling the walking dead. These wolves won’t know what hit them when I’m through.

Ander Cain
My life began the moment I found her, my darling little mate. She’s the force of nature Andorra Sector needs to give us hope for a future. A reason to keep going and to protect our lands from the zombie infestation beyond.
Yet she refuses to play by our rules.
Born in a time where humans will do anything to survive, she’s not used to the pack hierarchy or the laws our kind abides by. Oh, but she’ll learn. And I’ll thoroughly enjoy being the one to train her.
Katriana Cardona can fight me all she wants, but in the end, she will be mine. Whether she submits or not.

Rite of the Omega (Blood Rites Duet #1) by Eva Dresden

Paranormal Erotic Romance
Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/50263074-rite-of-the-omega

My Reviewhttps://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3377597781

Orphan. Jealously guarded possession. The object of her cruel guardian’s desires. These are the only things Aida Vertia has known in her life. Locked away in the high towers of Logoria, the seat of Aeslomor, she has little contact with the outside world. Knowing nothing of its splendor and beauty, she sees only the cruelties within the sooty stone walls of her prison.
Then he comes on the crest of a raging inferno. Destroying everything she’s ever known. Freeing her from one prison for the cold, hard chains of the next. They call him the Usurper. A blood crazed mage, no different than the one before. Yet he is wholly different.
Forcing her to bend to his will, she is helpless to stop the way he makes her soul sing. No matter the murderous vengeance in his eyes or the vicious oaths he swears. He claims she has a purpose that he’ll see fulfilled, but amid the ruins of her past, she’ll find a destiny far more devastating.

Acquired Possession (The Machinery of Desire #1) by Cari Silverwood

Science Fiction Romance

My Review – https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2072632947

The night Emery is taken she is reading emails in bed.
Aerthe, another world, the world of the Swathe, the moving cities of the Mekkers.
Blind on arrival and naked. No one touches her until the Mekkers decide humans aren’t people, and therefore can be bought and traded. The journey through the portal alters humans, shines them all pretty. Humans glimmer.
Emery’s bright hair and nails will forever mark her as alien. Her freedom is gone. Though her sight returns, she becomes a possession of House Oren. But someone else wants to own her. The House Master, Mako, a man who uses whips and canes like most people use a knife – daily, with efficiency and casualness. She vows to never give in.
Banned from marrying. Banned from having playing too intimately with the house possessions, Mako holds himself back. He mustn’t. Shouldn’t. His job is to punish, to control, to keep the House in order.
But when Emery runs and takes with her a most dangerous war machine, one not seen since the Last Days of the War… Mako is the man they turn to. To chase her down. To bring her back, lamed, dead, or mostly alive.

#SixForSunday // April Week #2

Six For Sunday – April – The Viper-inspired ones

Six for Sunday (#SixForSunday) is a weekly meme hosted by Steph over at A Little But a Lot. The prompts for each week are up well in advance and they are a great way to share your love of all things book.

4th – Books with snakes on the cover/in the title
11th – Magical books
18th – Fictional islands you’d like to visit
25th – Characters who would make great ships captains

I did wonder about featuring books that I thought were *magical* in terms of being amazing. However I decided to take the instruction literally and choose books that contained magic in them.

I could so easily have populated this with the well known and obvious – Terry Pratchett, Katherine Kerr, David Eddings, She-who-should-not-be-named, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Janny Wurtz, Mercedes Lackey…..(am I giving my age away too much here?! 🤣🤣🤣)

Instead I’m featuring some beloved indie-authors who just don’t get the recognition they deserve. Indie does not automatically equate to bad or unedited or any of those other worries that put some readers off. There are many fantastic self-published books out there, the ones below are just the very, tiny tip of a massive iceberg.

Ravenous Innocence (The Last Tritan #1) by Myra Danvers

Low Fantasy

My Review – https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2699780423

“I can give you everything,” he whispered, smiling through the lie. All I had to do was kneel…

The Caledonian forces come armed, yet offer peace. Spouting claims that they can deliver a new era—one of luxury and ease—they think to seduce. They promise our countries will thrive together, that they will save us from ourselves in exchange for Tritan’s secrets, our expertise in the mystical arts of wielding ki. Partner with warmongers unaccustomed to being refused, or fall beneath their boots.

These conquerors fool no one. They seek to leash my people and claim our priestesses for their own sick uses.

But I will not kneel. Especially not to him. Captain Asher Rawlings. Powerful… Elite… Relentless… He’s been tasked to hunt me down and dress me in chains—a mission he relishes, for with one taste of my lips, he hungers for my submission above all else…

In an instant, the deadly secret I’ve been keeping for years is exposed to his attention. He knows what I am, what I might be capable of, and he’s drawn to my fire… my ki…

With a kiss, he feeds me whispers of a coddled life kneeling at his precious feet, his offer nothing more than the life of a cherished pet. But he won’t have me or my ki, for his betrayal has given me strength even he didn’t expect.

Only one thing is certain—he’ll either put me on my knees, or I’ll kill them all.

Prison of Statues (The Statues Trilogy Book 1) by Ainsley Shay

YA Alternate Reality

My Review https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1821874430

Her nightmares are more than a warning… they’re a promise of death.

On the evening of her father’s funeral, Iris’ nightmare bursts with colors, despite her having been colorblind since birth. She doesn’t know what the man in her nightmare is…a vampire, an angel of darkness, a demon, or some other mythical creature. She only knows he isn’t human, and the connection between them is too strong to ignore.
When Iris learns her father may have been shielding her from unknown dangers, and that a witch may have helped him protect her, she wonders if it played a role in his death. But instead of finding the answers to her dangerous questions…dangerous answers find her in the form of three mysterious strangers.
As the nightmares continue in a series of disturbing events, Iris is caught in a vibrant collision of past and present. But when the nightmares start to cross into her physical realm, she must find a way to fight for her life and for a love she may once have had, or succumb to the evil that has found her… again..

Sin & Chocolate (Demigod of San Francisco #1) by K.F. Breene

Urban fantasy/PNR

My Reviewhttps://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2554513195

Some people are ordained for greatness…
Those people usually have a lot of drama in their life. Drama I happily do without. I live in a forgotten corner of nowhere for a reason: there is safety in anonymity. I have enough problems just trying to get by.  
But when Kieran, a sinfully sexy demigod at the pinnacle of power, crashes into my life, suddenly my whole world is turned upside down.
He’s harboring a deadly secret, one that could destroy all he holds dear. He thinks I’m the key to his salvation, and he wants me to help him claim vengeance. He also wants me with a passion that burns my body from the inside out. To ignore him is impossible, but to give in to my desires, even for a night, would thrust me into danger I might not survive.
Can I resist the temptation?

Chaos Rises (Chaos Rises #1) by Pippa DaCosta

Paranormal Urban Fantasy

My Review – https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2220891290

When the veil fell, demons made Los Angeles their new home…

Half-demon Gem knows only that she and her brother, Del, are escaped experiments. On the run from the cruel Institute who would prefer she be in chains, she’s fallen into a life under the thumb of the demon trafficker, and powerful demon, Allard.
But when Del disappears and the mysterious and cocky, Torrent, shows up with seemingly all the answers, Gem would be a fool to trust him.
She’s never trusted anyone. Just herself and Del, and as she follows Del’s trail, she discovers Torrent and Allard aren’t the only ones with an interest in seeing her fail. The Institute hasn’t forgotten their experiments.

Time is running out. The net is closing. Can Gem save her brother before their fates are sealed forever?

Subversive (Clandestine Magic #1) by Colleen Cowley

Science Fiction Alternate History
Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/50899493-nathan

My Reviewhttps://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3546056905

A wizard. An unwilling assistant. An explosive secret.
In an America controlled by wizards and 100 years behind on women’s rights, Beatrix Harper counts herself among the resistance—the Women’s League for the Prohibition of Magic. Then Peter Blackwell, the only wizard her town has ever produced, unexpectedly returns home and presses her into service as his assistant.
Beatrix fears he wants to undermine the League. His real purpose is far more dangerous for them both.
Subversive is the first novel in the completed Clandestine Magic trilogy, set in a warped 21st century that will appeal to fans of gaslamp fantasy, strong female characters, slow-burn romance and intrigue.

Colel (Immortal Matchmakers, Inc. #5) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Paranormal Rom-Com

My Review – https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2785772792

WARNING: This book contains foul language, gratuitous sex against a truck, outrageously rude immortal warriors in leather pants, snow, pigheaded gods, a sexually frustrated goddess, a very hot and hunky florist guy with a bad attitude and a big secret, Brutus bubble baths, a sneaky invisible unicorn, unrequited love, bees, bees, and more bees, and chocolates.

Colel, the Goddess of Bees, has been looking for Mr. Right for over seventy thousand years. So when she meets the hunky owner of a small-town flower shop and explodes with flutters and tingles, she’s almost certain that he’s the one.
Only two problems: her tiny black-and-yellow army suddenly won’t let her anywhere near him, and…is that a freaking epinephrine pen in the fridge? “Dear gods! He’s allergic to bees? Say it isn’t so.”
If simply dating the guy will kill him, how will she ever know for sure if he’s really the one?
Colel has a solution, but it’s drastic. Even for her. And what if he says no?

#SixForSunday // April Week #1

Six For Sunday – April – The Viper-inspired ones

Six for Sunday (#SixForSunday) is a weekly meme hosted by Steph over at A Little But a Lot. The prompts for each week are up well in advance and they are a great way to share your love of all things book.

4th – Books with snakes on the cover/in the title
11th – Magical books
18th – Fictional islands you’d like to visit
25th – Characters who would make great ships captains

Decieved: House of Sin #2 by Elizabeth Naughton

Contemporary Romance

Some doors were never meant to be opened…

I made a fateful mistake. I should never have peeked behind the doors into his forbidden world.
But I did, and now I’m a prisoner. Trapped by the man I thought loved. The man I once foolishly trusted. The man who, despite his lies and deception, I continue to crave.
He can melt my resolve with one rough, whispered demand, and I feel myself giving in to the desire he still stirs inside me. And yet, if I want to survive, I must find a way to escape. Because if I don’t, I’m afraid I’ll be consumed by a shadowy world that will ultimately destroy me.
Lost forever in his wicked House of Sin

Snake Heart by Lindsay Buroker

Fantasy / Steampunk

Tasked with an impossible mission, hunted by the very people he wants to protect, Yanko White Fox is the only one who can save his nation from famine and anarchy. Armed only with his fledgling skills as a wizard and accompanied by allies he’s not sure he can trust, he must track down an ancient relic before his enemies find it first. But countless obstacles stand in the way, including his mother. The deadly and infamous pirate Snake Heart cares nothing for the family—or the son—she abandoned, and wants the artifact for herself.

Closer to the Chest by Mercedes Lackey


Herald Mags, the King of Valdemar’s Herald Spy, has been developing a clandestine network of young informants who operate not only on the streets of the capital city of Haven, but also in the Great Halls and kitchens of the wealthy and highborn. In his own established alternate personas, Mags observes the Court and the alleys alike, quietly gathering information to keep Haven and the Kingdom safe.
His wife Amily is growing into her position as the King’s Own Herald, though she is irritated to encounter many who still consider her father, Herald Nikolas, to be the real King’s Own. Nonetheless, she finds it increasingly useful to be underestimated, for there are dark things stirring in the shadows of Haven and up on the Hill. Someone has discovered many secrets of the women of the Court and the Collegia— and is using those secrets to terrorize and bully them. Someone is targeting the religious houses of women, too, leaving behind destruction and obscene letters.
But who? Someone at the Court? A disgruntled Palace servant? One of the members of the Collegia? Someone in the patriarchal sect of the god Sethor? Could the villain be a woman? And what is this person hoping to achieve? It isn’t blackmail, for the letters demand nothing; the aim seems to be the victims’ panic and despair. But why?
Mags and Amily take steps to minimize the damage while using both magic and wits to find the evildoer. But just as they appear to be on the verge of success, the letter writer tires of terror and is now out for blood.
Mags and Amily will have to track down someone who leaves few clues behind. They must thwart whatever plans have been set in motion, and quickly—before terror turns to murder.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling

YA Fantasy

OK so technically it’s a Basilisk but it looks pretty snake like on this cover! I don’t mind admitting that I really enjoyed this series.

Ever since Harry Potter had come home for the summer, the Dursleys had been so mean and hideous that all Harry wanted was to get back to the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. But just as he’s packing his bags, Harry receives a warning from a strange impish creature who says that if Harry returns to Hogwarts, disaster will strike.

And strike it does. For in Harry’s second year at Hogwarts, fresh torments and horrors arise, including an outrageously stuck-up new professor and a spirit who haunts the girls’ bathroom. But then the real trouble begins – someone is turning Hogwarts students to stone. Could it be Draco Malfoy, a more poisonous rival than ever? Could it possible be Hagrid, whose mysterious past is finally told? Or could it be the one everyone at Hogwarts most suspects… Harry Potter himself! 

Nathan by Elin Peer

Contemporary Romance
Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/50899493-nathan

OK, a slight cheat here with no snake visible. However snakes were a very significant part of the plot, and had been used to mentally torture the hero when he was a child.


I’ve only got 5 books to share this week, as I prefer to feature books I have read or own, and can’t think of a sixth book. Do you own books with snakes on the cover or in the title?

#SixForSunday // March #4

Six For Sunday – March – Around the world in 80 books

Six for Sunday (#SixForSunday) is a weekly meme hosted by Steph over at A Little But a Lot. The prompts for each week are up well in advance and they are a great way to share your love of all things book.

Today’s theme is “Blue and green books

I’m not going into much detail about any of these. Most are books that made a big impression on me, or they are by stories that will stay with me for years. A couple are by favourite authors and are on my list of books to re-read.

n order of appearance –
An Urban Fantasy involving demons and demon hunters.
A Contemporary Romance with organised crime elements.
A SFR with an autistic FMC alongside action, adventure and humour.
A slow-burn Fantasy Romance with some fantastic world building and wonderful characters.
A tear jerking Contemporary Romance and
A Contemporary Romance with dark themes and a wonderful second chance at love.

#SixForSunday // March #3

Six For Sunday – March – Around the world in 80 books

Six for Sunday (#SixForSunday) is a weekly meme hosted by Steph over at A Little But a Lot. The prompts for each week are up well in advance and they are a great way to share your love of all things book.

Today’s theme is “Characters you think deserve a holiday

The Messenger Chronicles by Pippa DaCosta

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Reverse Harem Romance

Kesh, Kellee, Talen, Sota and Sirius most certainly deserve a holiday after their epic battles to save humanity from the fae. This is one of my favourite book series’ and I’m sure it’s due a re-read soon.

(Book #1)
“Lies aren’t her only weapons against the fae…”
In the Halow system, one of Earth’s three sister star systems, tek and magic—humans and the fae—are at war.
Kesh Lasota is a ghost in the machine. Invisible to tek, she’s hired by the criminal underworld to carry illegal messages through the Halow system. But when one of those messages kills its recipient, Kesh finds herself on the run with a bounty on her head and a quick-witted marshal on her tail.
Proving her innocence should be straightforward—until a warfae steals the evidence she needs. The fae haven’t been seen in Halow in over a thousand years. And this one—a brutally efficient killer able to wield tek—should not exist. But neither should Kesh.
As Kesh’s carefully crafted lie of a life crumbles around her, she knows remaining invisible is no longer an option. To hunt the fae, to stop him from destroying a thousand-year-long fragile peace, she must resurrect the horrors of her past.
Kesh Lasota was a ghost. Now she’s back, and there’s only one thing she knows for certain. Nobody shoots the messenger and gets away with it.

Beast Horde Trilogy by Cari Silverwood

Dystopian/Science Fiction Romance

Cyn, Vargr and Rutger definitely deserve a holiday after saving what is left of Earth and humanity from the ravenous, planet stripping Ghoul Lords.

(Book #1)
“Sleeping Beauty with a grim-dark twist.”
Cyn falls from the top floor of the world into the arms of Vargr, a beaster who rates a diamond 10 on the Scale of Hardness. In her hands is a piece of Ghoul Lord.
She’s forgotten the last five years of her life, the years of the invasion of the Ghoul Lords.
The beast horde was meant to save Earth. Once human, they now carry gene-warping nanomachines in their blood. No one told them they’d also been injected with the remnants of myths and legends.
They tried and they failed. What can Cyn with her amnesia and sparkly eyes possibly do? Vargr isn’t sure, but he’s beginning to see the pros of nailing a naked Cyn to the wall and floor, over and over, until he gets some good answers.
A crumbling world steeped in gothic sci-fi darkness, packed with throbbing, brutal males.

Overload Flux by Carol Van Natta

SFR/ Space Opera

After all the attempts to stop Luka and Mairwen in their investigation, including several attempts on their lives, this intrepid duo certainly deserve a holiday. Somewhere exotic, warm and very, very quiet.

The Central Galactic Concordance has been stable for two centuries, but trouble is brewing. A pandemic is affecting hundreds of civilized planets, and someone is stealing the vaccine…
Brilliant investigator Luka Foxe’s hidden mental talent is out of control, making him barely able to function in the aftermath of violence, and the body count is rising. The convoluted trail leads to a corrupt pharma industry and the possibility of an illegal, planet-sized laboratory. In the face of increasing threats, he must rely on an enigmatic, lethal woman he just met, but she has deep secrets of her own.
Mairwen Morganthur hides extraordinary skills under the guise of a dull night-shift guard. The last thing she wants is to provide personal security for a hot-shot investigator, or to be plunged into a murky case involving sabotage, treachery, and the military covert operations division that would love to discover she’s still alive.
Two more lives in a rising death count won’t bother their enemies one bit. Their only hope for survival lies in revealing their dark secrets and learning to trust one another.

The Velvet Collar by C.P. Mandara

Contemporary Romance

Jen and Mark, bless them, have been so put through the wringer in this series. So many plots against them, all of them involving pain, humiliation and lots of kinky fun!

I made a bet with my newlywed submissive wife. I told her that if she could behave herself impeccably for a week, she could wear the trousers for a day. That included being able to dominate me. The bet was almost guaranteed to be impossible to achieve, and yet somehow she did it. It looks like I’m in for a fun night, doesn’t it?
If that wasn’t bad enough, Kyle has been spotted near our home. It scares me. I can feel the net closing in, and I’m still no closer to unravelling the pieces. We need to figure out what Redcliff wants, and fast.
In order to do this, I’m going to have to talk to my mother-in-law, who still isn’t speaking to me. I have no idea what her problem is. She tried to kill me, not the other way around…

The Black Prince by Ariana Nash

MM Fantasy Romance
Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/50979555-the-black-prince

Zane and Akiem certainly had to fight for everything they now have. This pair definitely need a holiday. It would be really great if the author wrote a story of them visiting Eroan and Lysander back in the UK (hint, hint).

In the war-torn rubble of the human world, can a rebel elf and a lost dragon prince find love, or will a dark threat tear them and their world apart forever?
A new land, a new court, a new king, but some things never change.
Broken in all ways, Akiem fled his life as the amethyst prince only to land at the mercy of the beautiful but deadly diamond king, Luceran.
Akiem knows dragons. He knows he’ll die today, tomorrow, whenever Luceran’s executioner brings down his axe, and maybe it’s all he deserves. He’s ready for death, craves it even, like he craves the elf with flame-red hair and a sly smile, the damn elf whose stolen kiss lit Akiem up in ways he didn’t know were possible.
Akiem doesn’t do males and he definitely doesn’t do elves. But some things do change.
Drifter, mercenary, lover — Zane is all those things. He’ll do almost anything for coin. But he doesn’t do dragons and he definitely doesn’t do love.
It’s not such a bad life for an elf. Better than the rest of his kin, living under the rule and whims of the dragon king, Luceran. Working as a bodyguard in Bayston should have been quick coin in his pocket before moving on. But King Luceran has a new toy he parades at court. A dragon with eyes of gold and scales as black as night.
He probably shouldn’t have kissed him. Definitely should have killed him. And now, moving on is the farthest thought from Zane’s mind. Because Luceran’s new toy is not like the other dragonkin. And maybe, just maybe, the terrible, beautiful beast has the key to freeing all the persecuted elves and unlocking Zane’s restless heart.
Zane doesn’t do love and he doesn’t do dragons. But with the arrival of the Black Prince, everything is about to change.

The Kingmaker Saga by London Miller

Romantic Suspense/ Organised Crime

The series isn’t quite complete yet, but Uilleam and Karina thoroughly deserve some quite time to reconnect and heal the wounds of the past.

Synopsis (Book #1)
As an investigative journalist, Karina Ashworth’s job involves delving into New York’s black market of criminals and mischief where sin is almost too tempting to ignore. When she crosses paths with a man whose smile is a little too cunning—and his power a little too vast—she learns very quickly that dancing with the devil is far more enjoyable than she had ever imagined.
But Uilleam Runehart is not at all what he seems, and as a notorious fixer with a thirst for power, he’ll do anything to obtain his title.
How much would you pay to be a king?

#SixForSunday // March #2

Six For Sunday – March – Around the world in 80 books

Six for Sunday (#SixForSunday) is a weekly meme hosted by Steph over at A Little But a Lot. The prompts for each week are up well in advance and they are a great way to share your love of all things book.

Today’s theme is “Books set elsewhere in the world

My Romance Curse by Wren Tirrell

Romantic Comedy (slight paranormal aspects)

So this book is set in Australia, mainly on Magnetic Island. This was my introduction to the author Cari Silverwood, her warm wit and ridiculous humour have crowned her as one of my top 3 favourite authors.

Amy has a small flaw in her love life – her boyfriends die on her. Two, so far. With her fear of dead boyfriends, her live ones don’t last long before she dumps them.
Until the day her beloved bicycle, Marge, takes a dive into the sea at Nelly Bay. Can Lukas, her bicycle rescuer, Viking geek scientist, and man with the gymnastic finger-porn expertise be different and survive the curse?
Smitten by Amy, he sure wants to be. Curses don’t exist. So when bad things happen, things that *might* be impossible, Lukas sees cracks opening in his rule-driven world.
With Wally the border collie by their side, key roles in a movie called Night of the Living Teddy Bears and Zombies, and a whole lot of friends with good, bad, and dirty suggestions, they’re planning to foil this curse.

Brace yourselves, the man in the dragon boxer shorts is here, and curse-foiling is on his bucket list.

Coming Home by Wendy Smith

Contemporary Romance

Set in New Zealand, Coming Home is an emotion filled story of second chances and finding out that what we thought was the truth was something very different indeed.

Coming home is bittersweet for Adam Campbell. His mother has cancer, but for some reason doesn’t want him there. One of his brothers welcomes him home with open arms, another treats him like dirt.
Then there’s Lily, the girl who left Adam at the altar twelve years ago. The girl who broke his heart. Adam left and didn’t look back after that happened, but being home stirs up all those old feelings.
Secrets will be revealed, including the horrifying truth about why Lily stood him up, and that she didn’t abandon Adam. Adam abandoned her. 

Protecting His Brat by Sorcha Black

NA Contemporary Romance

Aberdeen may be a bit of a brat, but she is a delightful and very likeable one. I loved her and Blue’s story. The author is Canadian, and that is the setting of this story too.

It’s ridiculous, but at almost twenty-two, Mother still controls what I wear and what I read. So, when my childhood bodyguard retires, of course Mother chooses his replacement without consulting me. I need someone to protect me from the kidnappers who always seem to be lurking, but huge, quiet, Mr. Köhler, with his jaw like stone and mashed nose, is not what I have in mind.
The man seems like he’s going to be dull, but the first time I get sassy with him, his intensity steals my breath. Teasing him is the most fun I’ve ever had.
Before I can stop her, the bratty little tease I’m protecting gets under my skin…and that’s before she starts calling me Daddy. Although she tests my patience and self-control, I can’t bring myself to resign. As the danger escalates, I’ll do anything to keep Miss Kincaid safe…but keeping her safe from me is the most difficult assignment I’ve ever had.

Missing Ink by E.J. Frost

Contemporary BDSM Romance

My entry set in the USA, this really played with my emotions. Brenna and Mac both undergo a lot of personal growth in this book, and unlike many indie published romances, this one runs to over 500 pages. This meant that characters and plot were really well developed and fully explored, resulting in an absolutely wonderful story.

A thief. A bad tattoo. And a Forever-Dom to the rescue.
Michael “Mac” McNally is drifting. Finished with the Navy, finished with his marriage, Mac is sleeping on the couch of his good friend, James Logan, while he tries to figure out the rest of his life.
Brenna “DirtyGurl” Truelove is lost. Floundering after a series of not-relationships, Brenna can’t find satisfaction in scenes with one-night Doms or in Missing Ink, the tattoo business she’s worked so hard to build.
When the drifter and the lost-girl come together over a bad tattoo, can they build something that lasts among the wreckage of his marriage and her trust in Doms? And can they catch the thief before he destroys Missing Ink?

Paris Pleasure by Lila Dubois

Erotic Romance
Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/49751797-paris-pleasure

Just in case it wasn’t obvious from the title, this one is set mainly in Paris. It’s a power exchange romance, exploring the erotic desires of two consenting adults. It’s also a second chance romance which, when done well, is one of my favourite tropes.

Once, they were engaged, now they’re enemies. Until they meet again in Paris at a secret BDSM club for the world’s uber wealthy.
They may hate each other for what happened in their past, but their sexual chemistry makes them perfect D/s partners.
When the real world intrudes and the past repeats itself, Solomon has to decide if he’ll walk away from the only woman he’s ever really loved.

Terrestrial Magic by Marina rson

Dystopian Fantasy/Mythology

Possibly pushing the boundaries with this one, as it’s very much a fantasy story. However it is set in and around Rome, in Italy, in an either near future Earth or an alternate reality. It was quite an engaging read with plenty of action to drive the plot forward.

Most sensible people avoid fire-breathing carnivores that prey on humans. But Jordan has built a career out of studying such legendary animals, creatures thought mythological until their reemergence in the world three decades ago. She and researchers like her believe that knowledge is the key to reclaiming the land they’d lost back then, when humanity retreated into designated safety zones.
But when the humans moved out, the legends moved in. They were the descendants of mythical heroes, inheriting the powers of their ancestors, and they weren’t afraid of the monsters. Jordan never expected to run into a legend, but when a field expedition turns into a trap for her team, she realizes that one deliberately tried to kill her. It’s a diplomatic nightmare the Roman authorities might happily sweep under the rug. But if Jordan doesn’t figure out who attacked her and why, they could try again. Yet even if she does solve the mystery, what could one stubborn scientist possibly do to stop a powerful legend?

#SixForSunday // March #1

Six For Sunday – March – Around the world in 80 books

Six for Sunday (#SixForSunday) is a weekly meme hosted by Steph over at A Little But a Lot. The prompts for each week are up well in advance and they are a great way to share your love of all things book.

Today’s theme is “Books set in the country you live

I live in England, whilst the vast majority of the books I read are set in the USA or Australia. However there are some books that I’ve read that are set here, so I can definitely join in this week.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

YA/Middle Grade Fantasy

I loved the books and I loved the films.

Turning the envelope over, his hand trembling, Harry saw a purple wax seal bearing a coat of arms; a lion, an eagle, a badger and a snake surrounding a large letter ‘H’.
Harry Potter has never even heard of Hogwarts when the letters start dropping on the doormat at number four, Privet Drive. Addressed in green ink on yellowish parchment with a purple seal, they are swiftly confiscated by his grisly aunt and uncle. Then, on Harry’s eleventh birthday, a great beetle-eyed giant of a man called Rubeus Hagrid bursts in with some astonishing news: Harry Potter is a wizard, and he has a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. An incredible adventure is about to begin!

Clockwork Stalker by Cari Silverwood

Fantasy Gaslamp Romance

Set in Edwardian London, this has Sherlock Holmes as you’ve never seen him before – under the influence of a curse that makes him want to do very bad things. Very bad things indeed and specifically to Wilhelmina Moriarty. This is a steamy read with elements of power exchange, lots of references to other stories and a dollop of humour.

What if the storybook hero becomes the villain?
She is my arch enemy’s niece.
I am an arrogant, controlling bastard, an excellent detective, and women are turning up dead and bound, with strange marks on their bodies.
This is the least appropriate time for me to fall in lust with the enemy.
Obsession is the sign of a man who is losing control.
Be punctual for this appointment, Miss Moriarty.
I have things I need to do. Filthy, perverted things.

The Body Painter by Pepper Winters

NA Romantic Suspense

This one was a total miss for me. Despite some amazingly poetic and lyrical writing, the story line was overly repetitive with very little movement in the plot. It didn’t help that the English education system was totally misrepresented, instead being presented as identical to that of the US. I don’t see the point in setting a book in a specific country but then writing as though it were set elsewhere.

“Must be slim, able to stand for long periods of time, and be impervious to the cold.” The headline caught my attention.
“Hours are negotiable, pay is minimal, clothing absolutely forbidden.” The second line piqued my curiosity.
“Able to hold your bladder and tongue, refrain from opinions or suggestions, and be the perfect living canvas.” The third made me scowl.
“Other attributes required: non-ticklish, contortionist, and obedient. Must also enjoy being studied while naked in a crowd.” The fourth made me shudder.
“Call or email ‘YOUR SKIN, HIS CANVAS’ if interested in applying.” The final made my heart race. I should’ve kept scrolling past the advertisement. I should’ve applied for the boring receptionist job at minimum wage. I should’ve clicked on any other job where I got to keep my clothes on.
But I didn’t. I applied. My interview is tomorrow…

Flawed by Felicity Brandon

Dark Romantic Suspense

This is the first book in a trilogy, with a prologue that warns were the story will eventually end. However how the protagonists reach that point was a journey very much work taking.

One powerful serial killer. One visceral connection.
One deadly secret that should have stayed buried.
Men like Ethan Reilly should never fall in love. Dark, enigmatic and dangerous, Ethan is the perfect predator until he meets Lily Simpson, a woman passionate enough to placate him and strong enough to surrender to him.
For a while Lily’s love is enough.
But the darkness inside Ethan is too powerful to contain, and soon it spills into their burgeoning love affair. As he wrestles with his demons, Ethan must come to terms with who he really is, but if he does, what happens to Lily? Can any love be strong enough to survive a past as terrible as Ethan’s? And what kind of future can they forge from the ashes of his awful admission?

Charmed by April Wilson and Laura Riley

Contemporary Romance

I’m slightly biased about how good this book is because I had the privilege to beta read some of it. I do think the writing is superb and I adored the characters in this. In fact I’m still hoping for a follow up book for Connor and Kennedy.

It was just supposed to be a one-year internship in London. I wasn’t supposed to meet Prince Charming.  I wasn’t supposed to fall in love.  And I certainly wasn’t supposed to get my heart broken.

Women fall at my feet. They find me—and my bank account—irresistible. It’s not until I meet a shy American wallflower with an uncanny knack for numbers that I fall, too. I want this girl. I’d lay the world at her feet—if only she’d let me.
When one of my past mistakes returns with a vengeance, I risk losing the one person who means the world to me.

Beautiful Tears by C.P. Mandara

Contemporary Erotic Romance

This one actually has a chapter or two set only a few miles from my doorstep. That isn’t what makes it one of my favourite reads. That would be because I love Christina Mandara’s writing style, her humour, her strong heroines and her ability to craft a story that captures my heart.

Five years ago I told a lie that would land Brandt Browning – local hero and heir to the Mentley Mill fortune – in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. I ruined his life with three small words. “He did it.” I didn’t even have to be there to testify in court. It was too easy.
But that was five years ago. And now Brandt has been released.
He’s coming for me.
This time I’m not waiting around. I’m going to run so far away that no one will ever find me. The trouble is, you can’t hide from money. Eventually Brandt will catch up with me, and when he does, he’ll want payment in blood.
I’m not strong enough to resist the pull between us. If that man gets his hands on me he’ll realise I’m still half in love with him – and that can only end in disaster.


Six For Sunday – February – Read it and weep!

Six for Sunday (#SixForSunday) is a weekly meme hosted by Steph over at A Little But a Lot. The prompts for each week are up well in advance and they are a great way to share your love of all things book.

Today’s theme is “Books that made you FEEL

My Torin by K. Webster

NA/Contemporary Romance

I left a very vague review for this one way, way back in January 2018 and I knew then it would be one of my top reads of the year. The lack of detail is because this is one of those books best jumped into completely blind. I promise you won’t regret it.
Who could imagine how important a penny would prove to be? This book was twisty, mysterious, promised so much and delivered on that promise but with a bitter poisonous barb that eviscerated my heart. The story of Casey, Tyler and Torin seriously gave me ALL the feels.

I’m a freak, a misfit, an odd end. Abandoned and unloved.
But my happiness is so close I can taste it. Until he shows up.
Gorgeous, expensive, and all man. Sad brown eyes and a brilliant smile.
And he wants me to go with him.
is intentions are hidden. His motives are unclear. Yet, I leave with him because there’s no happiness here.
What he promises feels too good to be true…
A castle. A fortune. And horses too.
It’s too easy. Nothing in my life has ever been easy. What’s the catch?
There’s always a catch.

Fresh Catch by Kate Canterbary

MM Contemporary Romance

I described this as an emotion stomping book. Two people, hurt in the past, neither quite brave enough to put everything on the line. Angsty without being annoying, hot in all the right places and guaranteed to make your heart go boom. MM isn’t my usual go-to genre, but the author IS one who never disappoints.

Take a vacation, they said. Get away from Silicon Valley’s back-stabbing and power-grabbing. Recharge the innovative batteries. Unwind, then come back stronger than ever.
Instead, I got lost at sea and fell in love with an anti-social lobsterman.
There’s one small issue:
Owen Bartlett doesn’t know who I am. Who I really am.

I don’t like people. I avoid small talk and socializing, and I kick my companions out of bed before the sun rises.
No strings, no promises, no problems.
Until Cole McClish’s boat drifts into Talbott’s Cove, and I bend all my rules for the sexy sailor.
I don’t know Cole’s story or what he’s running from, but one thing is certain:
I’m not letting him run away from me.

Wishing Well by Lily White

Psychological Romantic Suspense

This story trapped me in a revolving door of emotion. When it finally spit me out, it was with a heart shattered into a million pieces and having cried a river of tears. Even though there was a HEA of sorts, it wasn’t a happy ending for all the players. Lily White took me on one wonderful and amazing journey, the emotional impact of which still remains with me today.

The perfect timing of a fairy tale is tied to its tragedy…
Journalist, Meadow Graham, is invited to interview death row inmate, Vincent Mercier. Given three days to hear his sordid confession, Meadow seeks to learn why a wealthy hotel owner killed four people, including her twin sister.
Sensually exotic and enigmatic, Vincent details his deception while bragging about the amusement he took in manipulating Meadow’s sister.
Their interview is a battle of wills. His story is a twisted web of coercion and lies. And the tragedy is too perfect to be real.
Will Meadow discover all of Vincent’s secrets while she fights to protect her own?

The Good Samaritan by R.C. Boldt

Contemporary Romance

Jude and Faith took up permanent residence within my heart with their story. This was a long journey to redemption and forgiveness, with lots of anger, happiness, sadness, joy and love along the way.

The biggest story of her life is the one he wants to hide.
I’m homeless by choice.
I have no intention of returning to my former life after what I’ve done.
This—living among the filth and discarded remnants of others—is what I deserve.
As atonement for my sins, I give back; I help those who cannot help themselves. But it’s always under the guise of anonymity.
Newspaper headlines throughout the city are clamoring to discover my identity. Including the beautiful woman who manages to see through my “armor.”
She has the capability to put my entire life at risk.

Trust (The 1000 Revolution #4) by Pippa DaCosta

Science Fiction/ Space Opera
Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35597333-trust

I read this before I regularly wrote reviews and certainly before I knew Goodreads existed. However the phrase “Count the stars” still has the ability to bring tears to my eyes. The author left us all with shattered hearts, minds and souls, before thankfully changing her mind and deciding to add a few more books to the story of One, Caleb and Fran. Trouble is Pippa DaCosta’s favourite thing is to give with one hand whilst taking away with the other, so there have been plenty more heart shattering moments to endure. I hope to goodness we eventually get some kind of happy ending!

“I didn’t sign up to die a hero.” ~ Caleb.
Chen Hung closes in. The nine systems hang perilously close to a second fatal Blackout. The lives of billions of people are at stake. Does Captain Caleb Shepperd have what it takes to save the nine systems, or just himself?
Caleb never wanted to be a hero. That was his brother’s dream. Keep it simple, get away clean. Flying a ship packed with explosives into Janus orbit station isn’t simple, and there ain’t no way he’s getting away clean.
He knows the Fenrir Nine have sent him on a suicide mission, but he’s not about to lay down his life for them. He’s not a hero, and he sure ain’t no fool despite what the Nine must think. There’s another way, he just has to figure it out before the bomb he’s carrying ticks down to zero.
One survived; against the odds, the brutality, and the betrayal, she survived, but inside, in the part of her that’s real, she’s broken. Broken in ways that cannot be fixed.
She’s going back to where it all began, to Janus—to Chitec, to the ‘man’ who made her. It will take all that she is, all that she was, and all that she could be, to save the nine systems from the synthetics.
She will not fail.
“I am One, and I cannot be stopped.”

One More Thing (47 Things #2) by Lilliana Anderson

Contemporary Romance

This book held me so spellbound I read until 2.30am just to finish it. Despite this being sub-titled as 47 Things #2 it CAN be read stand alone. I know that because I haven’t read 47 Things. I don’t know if my heart and soul could stand it, I cried enough at this book – even though we were getting a forever love story. Jude, Sarah, Ty and Tyler made me laugh, smile and sob. They made my soul ache with a longing for something that would never be and my heart sing with joy at them finding their always. Another reviewer said “the feels were strong with this one” – they weren’t wrong.

I didn’t ask to slip on a piece of gum then fall in love with a man who would die before the ink was dry on our marriage certificate.
But that’s what fate had in store and it broke me. I vowed I would never fall in love again.
Five years later, fate has one more thing in store for me. It wants to play around in my life again. Its tool? Another blasted stick of gum. Same place, only this time, it was Jude Baker, a university lecturer, who slipped on the gum.
Despite being a pacifist, he wasn’t particularly happy about it and made his distaste abundantly clear.
But that stick of gum was the catalyst of a series of events where our paths would continue to cross. There would be a broken nose, a fractured hand, a cat on a lead and a crashed corporate Christmas party that would align our hearts and make me realise that I wanted to be happy again.
But there would be tears. Many, many tears. Because falling in love isn’t easy, especially when you’re still in love with another man.

Six For Sunday – Favourite books/ characters/ authors

Six For Sunday – the Valentine’s Day edition!

Six for Sunday (#SixForSunday) is a weekly meme hosted by Steph over at A Little But a Lot. The prompts for each week are up well in advance and they are a great way to share your love of all things book.

So this week on #SixForSunday it’s Valentine’s Day in the UK and we are sharing the love for all things book. Whilst this weeks prompts gives us several options, my favourite characters are always the ones I’m currently reading. Well as long as I’m enjoying the book they are! There is no way I could ever narrow a list of favourite books down to six, so that option is ruled out too. I may have written similar posts before, but it’s been a while since I’ve reflected on my favourite authors so I’m only to happy to do so again. Most of you won’t have heard of ANY of these authors, since they are all indie writers and generally self published, or released via very small publishing houses.

1 – Cari Silverwood

Over the years Cari has written a wide variety of books, from contemporary through to dark contemporary, contemporary with slight paranormal aspects, SFR set on Earth, dark monster SFR, SFR set on another planet and a couple of historical stories. The two aspects that link all her books are kink and a very dry and irreverent sense of humour.

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4912047.Cari_Silverwood

2 – C.P. Mandara

Christina Mandara writes erotic romantic suspense with a side serving of humour. Her characters are crazily OTT but also hugely likeable and great fun. You have to be a fan of the cliff-hanger because Ms Mandara sure does like to torment us with them, however she also knows when to give us our HEA too.

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7113521.C_P_Mandara

3 – Pippa DaCosta/Ariana Nash

I’m not cheating, these are the two pen names of one author. As PDC she writes Urban Fantasy and Space Opera with a hint of romance. As AN we are treated to MM Dark Fantasy Romance. I’ve not read a single story, under either pen name, that I haven’t really enjoyed.

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7277852.Pippa_DaCosta

4 Kitty Thomas

I’m a huge fan of Dark Romance, and Kitty Thomas remains my favourite author in the genre. She doesn’t believe in redeeming her anti-heroes, but rather in the couple (or more) finding the path that makes them all happy. It’s rare that any of her characters will use the “L” word, so picking her on Valentine’s day seems almost sacrilegious. However love can be fleeting, whereas the bond she demonstrates exists between her main characters is a forever one.

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2654606.Kitty_Thomas

5 EJ Frost

EJ Frost is a fairly new to me author, but I love her unique voice and her wonderful ability to let me understand her characters. She has a SFR, which is on my TBR and my kindle, but also writes beautiful BDSM/Erotic Romance.

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8191198.E_J_Frost

6 KF Breene

KF Breene writes Urban Fantasy, and Fantasy, with plenty of steam, though the plot is always the driving focus, the romance is a pleasing side dish. Her characters are just so real, so human – even when they aren’t – with strong, sassy heroines that you can’t help but love.

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7010202.K_F_Breene

Who are your six for sunday books/authors/characters?

Six For Sunday – February – Read it and weep!

#SixForSunday – Books With Red Covers

Six for Sunday (#SixForSunday) is a weekly meme hosted by Steph over at A Little But a Lot. The prompts for each week are up well in advance and they are a great way to share your love of all things book.

I thought finding books covers that were red would be easy, after all it’s a colour that sells well in the romance genre. However it soon became apparent that it is much more popular as an accent colour, or for using as the title colour, than it was as the main colour on the cover. However I did find some of my favourite past reads to share that fit the bill perfectly.
A Fantasy romance, a dark romance that is contemporary but with a siren, a romantic suspense, a bdsm romance, a fantasy prequel novella and a paranormal story.