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Capricorn by E.J. FrostRating ⭐⭐⭐⭐Genre/Age Paranormal Romance / 18+Goodreads SynopsisEvan Lords is a Capricorn, but that's meant nothing to him for nearly forty years. Less than nothing during the seven years he's spent in prison for a murder he didn't commit.Now, the Helm of the Sea Goat has called Evan's name and the Capricorns have … Continue reading #BookReview #IndieAuthors #EroticRomance


Embers (Special Agent BDSM #5) by C.P. Mandara Embers? There are no embers, this is a raging inferno!Talk about twisted plots and deception upon deception, just who is in cahoots with who? I'm fairly certain we can trust James, well most of the time, and Adie seems fairly sweet, in that twisted sadist way. Lois continues … Continue reading EMBERS