Blogging & Me

I first began blogging back in August 2014 – my first post can be found here. My blog then was a very different kettle of fish, showcasing scrapbook pages and taking part in various photography challenges. In addition, I used to participate in several memes too, something that I had forgotten about until now. Mainly these were again linked to crafting and photography. I blogged fairly prolifically but could only manage to sustain it for about six weeks. Coincidentally (or maybe not so coincidentally) this was also when the Scavenger Hunt Photography Challenge ended.

I returned in August 2015, with another Scavenger Hunt challenge and more scrapbook pages and managed to keep blogging until February of 2016, though the last two months netted a total of 8 posts between them. This second petering out was due to having received a kindle for Christmas 2015, my children refusing to pose for photographs and taking on extra responsibilities at work. But mainly it was the kindle and rediscovering my love of reading. It was that self-same love that eventually brought me back to the blogging world when, in late November 2016, I began book blogging mainly due to my growing addiction to joining arc teams.

Regular posting continued on Blogger until April 2019, when I migrated to my current home on WordPress. I love the platform’s ability to auto-publish to Facebook and Twitter, as well as its more user-friendly format and how easy it is to follow, like and leave comments on other blogs. However, my journey didn’t end there.

For a long time, my content was very boring, very much a copy and paste the promo material blog. When the UK lockdown began in March 2020 it gave me time to really explore who I wanted to be as a blogger and how my blog could better reflect that. This led me to discover many weekly book memes, some of which I never tried, some I tried and discarded, and others I still do as often as possible. I’m always looking for new memes that take my fancy, do let me know of any you enjoy.

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