Top Ten Tuesday… Books that Give Off Summer Vibes

Top Ten Books that Give Off Summer Vibes

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to
bring bookish friends together.

This is probably going to see me trawl through my contemporary romance reads, since dark romance and sci-fi doesn’t lend itself to the topic that well. I’m looking for books with blue skies, wide open plains, heat, beaches, lakes or the ocean.

Title – Darcy Comes First For A Change (Life is a Beach)
Author – Lilliana Anderson
Genre – Romantic Comedy/ Contemporary Romance
Goodreads –

As he presses a sweet, tender kiss to my lips, my tears fall harder as I wonder if we can survive this when this already feels like dying. It’s one thing to say you’ll wait for someone. It’s another to actually do it. My father didn’t stick around. My husband didn’t stick around or even fight for us. And Leo? He could have any woman he wants, why wait an indefinite amount of time for me?

Title – Fool’s Paradise (Cartwright Brothers #5)
Author – Lilliana Anderson
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Goodreads –

“I want my soul back.”
There was such utter desolation in his expression that it took every morsel of strength within me not to cry.
This man bleeds goodness. Alongside his misery.

Title – My Romance Curse
Author – Cari Silverwood
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Goodreads –

“I do have a mighty sword.” Said so deadpan, I had to giggle. “I won’t ask you to polish it,”

Title – Crazy On You (Bliss Brothers #4)
Author – Amelia Wilde
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Goodreads –

So I sadly don’t have a quote for this one. My bad because this was just such a wonderful second-chance romance with ALL the feels and the most swoon worthy hero!

Title – Big Sky
Author – Kitty Thomas
Genre – Dark Erotica/ Dark Romance
Goodreads –

She wanted him. She wanted to live out every filthy fantasy she’d ever had with him, but she couldn’t get past he fact that she hadn’t come here freely.

Title – Cupids Anonymous
Author – Lila Monroe
Genre – Romantic Comedy
Goodreads –

“It looks like Prince Annoyingly Charming wasn’t always so smooth. Dammit, it turns out he has depth, as well as those dreamy blue eyes.”

Title – Her Montana Master
Author – Maren Smith
Genre – BDSM Contemporary Romance
Goodreads –

Again I have no quote and no idea, given I live in the UK, what the weather in Montana is like. However the cover makes me think of hot summer days”

Title – Tropical Inferno
Author – Kat Mizera
Genre – Contemporary/ Sports Romance
Goodreads –

“You’ve already saved me from myself.”

Title – Tumble (Dogwood Lane #1)
Author – Adriana Locke
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Goodreads –

“You hadn’t forgotten about me,” he says. “If you had, you wouldn’t be reacting like this.”
“Like what?”
“Like you know just how good it is between us.”
“It was good between us,” I admit. “Was being the key term.”
“I have a feeling it would be even better these days.”

Title – Kiss My Boots
Author – Harper Sloan
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Goodreads –

“He taught me trust. He showed me love. Then he gave me pain. So,”

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  1. Darcy comes first and Cupid’s Anonymous look like fun reads! I’m currently in the Southern Hem so it’s winter and I’m keen to read all the summery-vibes books I can get my hands on 🙂 I hadn’t heard of these books so thanks for sharing them Lousie!

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