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Welcome to Shelf Control — an original feature created and hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies.

Shelf Control is a weekly celebration of the unread books on our shelves. Pick a book you own but haven’t read, write a post about it (suggestions: include what it’s about, why you want to read it, and when you got it), and link up! For more info on what Shelf Control is all about, check out the introductory post, here.

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Tackling my ever growing, ridiculously large TBR list is my top priority this year. In order to do this I’ve cut back on being a member of most arc teams, and am trying my best to avoid visiting places like Netgalley, Booksprout, BookSirens and StoryOrigins too frequently. I’ve got my google calendar blocked out up to August with books I own and want to have read by the end of the year. I’m also trying to limit my new purchases to the few arc books I am still reading, along with new books from any series that I have already started. Those ones I try to read immediately, as I discovered last year that the chances of me reading them decreased exponentially with time since purchase. Each month I’ve also allowed a “catch-up” week, which allows for arc reads from the few teams I remain on, life hiccups that prevent me from reading, impulse buys (but it was on sale!) and the occasional fall from the no-new-arcs wagon.

So far I’ve read 5 books, though two were re-reads because they were part of a series. I’m currently reading the 6th book and this is probably more TBR list books than I’ve managed to read in a year before! I’m hoping I can keep this up, though at the same rate per month it will still take a few more years to clear the purchased books on my kindle. It would take a decade or more to clear the freebies 🤣🤣🤣.

Witches’ Bane is my current read and it will be followed by Chase the Dark, I shall also be dipping in and out of Missing Ink as this is one of the said purchases because it’s part of an ongoing series I am reading. So whilst it technically isn’t a TBR read, it is stopping it from going ON that list. Not increasing the darn thing often feels as much of a success as reducing it

So my fellow book lovers – what are you currently reading and is it from your TBR list?

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Shelf Control

  1. So glad you’re joining in for Shelf Control! It’s a never-ending struggle to find the right balance between already owned books and new ones (and ARCs). I have two more ARCs to finish this month, and then should have some time to get back to my shelves!

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      1. Both Aja James ánd AJ Adams are more than worth reading!
        Aja’s new series Dragon Tails follows after her Pure/Dark Ones series,and has two of the characters on a quest to different times and places

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  2. This is a really cool feature. I have a problem with ARCs more than my owned books. I’m pretty caught up. I ended up saying I won’t be reading a few that came out years ago which has made me feel so much better. And it’s true. If I don’t read it right away my interest diminishes too. So I have 6 books on my shelf. I want to read one new, one old until I’ve finished all my older ARC’s. My physical shelf isn’t too bad but I want to read some series that I haven’t finished and I own. I am currently reading Eyes Like Stars which I read 10 years ago. I plan on continuing the series which are all on my backlist. None of which I own though. You are doing such a good job so far. Hope you are able to read and enjoy lots of them!

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    1. Thanks. I’m trying to avoid places where I may see arc books, though I still slip of the wagon every now and then! I reached arc overload about 18 months ago and have been gradually reducing them since then. It feels so strange to NOT have loads of books I have to read, it’s been quite freeing.


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