Let’s Talk Bookish – 20th August

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, that is hosted by Rukky @Eternity Books  and Dani @Literary Lion. It’s a chance to discuss certain topics, share opinions, and spread the love by visiting each other’s posts.

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Prompts: There are some books that are just required…or at least you personally think they are! Maybe it’s a book that changed your view on everything, or maybe it’s just the BEST vampire book ever written. What book do you try to get everyone in your life to read, even the non-readers?

This is the first topic that has really challenged me, and that’s because I really don’t have an answer. If I know someone enjoys similar books to myself then I’m happy to recommend a book, but I don’t believe there is a book that everyone should read because we all have such very different likes, wants and needs in our reading material.

There will be a must read book for a particular genre but I know from the blogs that I follow that some people don’t read YA, some only read YA, some read Thrillers whilst others read Romance. However a book that provides enough common ground to bring something to the table for every permutation of reader? To presume or assume that such a book exists is either delusional or naïve.

My reading is done purely for pleasure. I don’t care for “the classics” (they either bore me or I get bogged down trying to ‘translate’ the outdated language), I don’t read for cultural enlightenment, nor to have my beliefs challenged. As a rule I don’t enjoy non-fiction, whereas the only books my husband will read ARE non-fiction. So other than a book of maps or a cook book I don’t think there is much, if anything, in the house that both of us have read.

Finally, I would worry about recommending a book to someone in case they dislike it as that would leave me feeling guilty that they had wasted their money.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – 20th August

  1. I’m with you 💯. There is not one book that fits all readers and is a must read. I can give you a very long list of books to consider but since tastes vary so much I might love it and you might hate it. A very perplexing question to answer.

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  2. Agreed. Even if you have similar tastes,it’s not a guarantee the other would love a book the same way you do. I used to recommend books on GR,but have stopped doing so because of it.

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