Review //\\ The Devil

The Devil (Devil Series #4) by Raven Steele

What a really epic ending to a great series.

The Devil
 is book #4 in a series and cannot be read standalone. It’s written first person, from both Lucian and Eve’s point of view, allowing us to get a real insight into the characters and their motivations. The story is fast-paced with lots of “mini-battles” on the way to the big showdown. And even that didn’t go as expected and threw further twists into the story.

My attention was readily held by the book, the writing flows so well and it was easy to follow the action. It wasn’t until I read the “End of Book Stuff” that I discovered Liam, LLona and May feature in a separate series. I have to admire how well the author wrote these characters into this book, I picked up everything I needed to know without their being an enormous information dump.

The Devil Series is a great urban fantasy series. It’s suitable for mature teens through to adults and will leave you wanting to read the rest of the author’s books!

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Title – The Devil
Author – Raven Steele
Genre – Urban Fantasy
Goodreads –

Our souls are connected. Not even fate can break it.”
The Devil’s Soldier is dead. But he left devastation in his wake. The world has changed. Eve has changed. Demons plague her mind and soul.
I try to hang onto her but she disappears. Becomes someone else. So she can forget. And now I’m on the hunt. But I’m not the only one.
The President and the DSRD also want her.
But what they don’t realize is she is MINE.
I will protect her at all costs, even against herself. For she is my soulmate, bound to me by order of the moon and stars. God help anyone who stands in my way.

This novel was previously published under Rachel McClellan and includes new content.

REVIEW //\\ The Devil’s Soldier

Wow what a twisty read this was. Written in dual pov we had so many nearly moments between Lucian and Eve, but life, magic and Boaz seem determined to keep this pair apart. This is a rewrite of a book originally released under the authors other pen name, Rachel McClellan and it was the one where I felt the most changes had been made.

In my original review I’d felt a lack of emotion and hadn’t believed in the depth of the connection between Lucian and Eve – my word that was no longer true. You could feel the sparks from the electricity this pair generated. I was totally convinced of the passion, longing and love between them. The emotional battles they both endured was exhausting but in the best way possible.

The book will break your heart at times, have you on the edge of your seat at others and will keep you wondering about just what will happen next. Some books I’ve read recently felt a little stale, they failed to capture me, this one thoroughly entertained me and I can’t wait to read the final part of this story.

“My silence is not weakness, but the beginning of my revenge.”


Eve is gone. They took her from me.

I will have my revenge.

So I train. Hone my body and my mind.

But rage burns in my veins. Fuels my anger.

I let it fester and grow to use against him:

The Devil’s Soldier.

I will destroy everything he knows.


The world believes I’m dead. It’s the only way.

For now, I hide in the shadows.

Growing stronger, more determined.

For the Devil’s Soldier must be stopped.

And I will stop him!

Only then can I be with the man I love.

In this full-length, paranormal romance series, Steele introduces readers to a dark and sexy world full of vampires and witches. If you like Laurell K. Hamilton and Anne Rice, you will LOVE this series! Scroll up and grab this paranormal romance TODAY!

This novel was previously published under Rachel McClellan and includes new content.

** Intended for adult readers. **


Bite Me: A Vampire Anthology
by Zoe Blake, Addison Cain, Alta Hensley, Sara Fields, Myra Danvers, Anita Gray, Eris Adderly, Livia Bourne , Cassandra Faye

Gold star

As with all anthologies of short stories some characters lack depth and it is difficult to form emotional connections to them. However so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how drawn into this book I have been.

3 stars – Cathedral by Addison Cain
My enjoyment of a story is very much linked to how I feel about a character, my connection to them and the emotions they make me feel. Personally I just didn’t care for the female protagonist in this book – did we ever learn her name? I’m not sure, if we did I don’t recall it. This has left me, despite the story and writing being really good, feeling very *meh* about this. 
There is some excellent world building, a fantastic sense of the sinister and in true Addison style one humdinger of a cliff-hanger. In fact that final scene held all the emotion that had been missing, for me, in the rest of the book. It gave the heroine depth, it added that personal element that allowed me to connect with the story.
I’m undecided yet whether I would read the full story, although that ending totally changed the tide.

3.5 stars – Till the End of Time by Zoe Blake
I loved this unusual and compelling take on the Dracula story. The passion between the two protagonists was raw, consuming and depraved. An excellent dark, twisted and gory short story!

4 stars Master of Ceremonies by Alta Hensley
This was a twisty tale with an unusual mix of both darkness and sweetness. I liked the characters and found the plot to be refreshingly different.
For a short story the author managed to pack a very erotic punch and then topped it off with a very twisty teaser of an ending.

5 stars – V is for Vampire by Eris Adderly
Amazing! More please! Now?
This is novella length and is a prequel to a new series Ms Adderly is planning and I’m already in love with November and Leo and very in lust with Rado. Vampire stories aren’t a go-to for me – it was the authors in this anthology that got my interest. However this story has changed my mind. Vamps aren’t the all powerful evil beings you find in most stories, I FLOVED how the author has taken the genre, shaken it up with a big old dollop of seasoning and presented something completely new and captivating.
The anthology is worth buying for this story alone.

5 Stars – Blinding Salvation by Livia Bourne
I loved this wonderful mix of suspense, humour and all things sexy. It’s the opener to a future series by the author but was a complete story within itself. I found myself really falling for Lily and Armand, Livia Bourne imbued her characters with incredible personalities that just draw you in. I can’t wait until she releases more books in this series!

4 stars – Enthralled by Myra Danvers
This story definitely enthralled me, Axton retained a spark of humanity enough to make him likeable. The characters were clearly defined and I liked that this was more about fighting for power between vampires rather than the more common vampire verses humans.

2 stars – The Devil’s Game by Sara Fields
This started so well with a kick-ass heroine and good writing. Then in the second chapter of a very short story there was a glaring continuity error. The heroine is stripped naked (it actually mentions her panties being ripped off and her never having been naked in front of a man before). The anti-hero then removes her panties AGAIN. 
After that it became almost one long sex scene, which some people will love but I wanted the story to move on, rather than up and down, in and out! I also dislike stories where characters personalities radically change because of sex. So for me this was a miss.

5 stars – Sweet Ruin by Cassandra Faye (aka Jennifer Bene)
This story just held my attention from the moment it mentioned the Weeping Angels (OMG I still can’t walk past an angel statue without getting shivers!). Nic is so infuriating but also so sexy, whilst Grace was snarky and strong, despite his best efforts to confound her. At times I wanted to shake or slap one, the other or BOTH of them – but in a good bad way. This is a hot and heavy head-spinning story that will leave you wanting more.  We’re talking ghost chilli hot.

I haven’t read Anita Gray’s story yet.


I have a confession to whisper at your ear. 

That shadow caressing your body in the dark, that tingle which draws you to arch your spine
… it tempts me to ruin. 

You’re beautiful when you sleep.

Everything I long for.

All I ask is a sip, a taste of the life coursing through those delicate veins.

Just one little bite.

And I’ll make you mine… forever.

These tales range from seductively enthralling to soul-slashing horror. 
Read on, and you’ll discover every beautiful shade of night.


The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant book #3 (Stand Alone) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

4.5 stars – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ✨

This story has more twists than a pretzel….

… and boy is it amazing fun. Whilst technically part of an ongoing series this could be read as a stand alone, since the author fills in any backstory that is needed. However I do think reading all 3 books will result in the best reading experience. These books are a wonderfully, zany smoosh up of paranormal, adventure, romance, suspense, humour and general weirdness. It’s a cozy mystery taking one heck of an LSD trip.

“What the devil is a machoron?”
“You. A macho moron.”

Michael and Lula

Michael continues to bemuse with his strange mixed up personality. Sometimes geek, other times sexist caveman and always hopeless male. 

The hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up, looking for a fight. Yes, even my hairs are fighters. I am quite manly like that.


His life continues to be ruled by his librarian (I had a feeling there was more to her than we knew) and his small blue electric car.

“Oh, you’re such a pussy.”
“Am not.” I am the Executioner. Or was. I fear nothing except tiny blue cars.”

I felt we got to know Marian a lot more in this book, and I definitely liked what I saw. So did Michael, resulting in some very tented pants! We also get to not only see more of Nice, Lula and Viviana but also learn some startling truths about them. Trying to solve the mysteries in this is like trying to solve one of those ball-in-the-hole dexterity puzzles. You can get a couple of the pieces in place but then some catastrophe occurs and you have to start again.

Talking of Nice, that man (sorry vampire) is just too funny for words. He is so well described, so perfectly crafted I can clearly picture, and hear, him. I sort of picture a camp young Iggy Pop! I loved the role he played in this book, including the spanner in the works at the end! (You’re not going to want to miss THAT twist!) 

The crotch of his pants is so tight we can see everything. Two golf balls and a flashlight.

I was really pleased that the ongoing backstory was neatly tied up in this book, though how MJP kept all those various strands and loops in order left me in awe. The plot is breathtaking, intriguing, amusing, emotional and steamy (yay!), goodness knows how she managed to dream it all up! The story ends with a fairly mild cliff-hanger, I can’t wait to see what troubles befall Michael next. I will definitely be continuing with this series, the characters are just too good to give up!

“What were you saying about men being wrong all the time?”
She shrugs. “Even a broken clock is right twice in a day.”


Genre: Paranormal humorous MYSTERY, with romantic elements


From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes an uncomfortably hilarious Mystery with a heaping help of sexual frustration, THE LIBRARIAN’S VAMPIRE ASSISTANT, Book Three. (Yep! It’s a STAND-ALONE. But why not read them all because…fun!)


Michael Vanderhorst is not your usual vampire. For starters, he works in a library, is in love with Miriam, his hot nerdy human boss who has no clue what he is, and he looks like a college student.

In reality, Michael is an ancient deadly vampire, an ex-assassin, and is currently the de facto king of his kind ever since their ruling party disappeared. To where? He doesn’t know, but if he wants his life back, he’ll have to find out. (Mystery!) Especially because a civil war is brewing, and being king makes his librarian a mark for his enemies. She is, after all, his biggest weakness.

With a global uprising about to explode, Michael must give her the protection of his army. Only one problem: She must become his queen first. But every attempt he makes to tell her the truth is met with extreme hostility. “Vampires aren’t real. That’s crazy talk, Michael!” Clearly, the topic frightens her.

With time running out and her life on the line, Michael is left with one option: Marry her. Without her knowing.

Can he pull it off? And what will happen when the fight comes to their door?

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Author Bio:

MIMI JEAN PAMFILOFF is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling romance author with over a million books sold worldwide. Although she obtained her MBA and worked for more than fifteen years in the corporate world, she believes that it’s never too late to come out of the romance closet and follow your dream. Mimi lives with her Latin Lover hubby, two pirates-in-training (their boys), and the rat terrier duo, Snowflake and Mini Me, in Arizona. She hopes to make you laugh when you need it most and continues to pray daily that leather pants will make a big comeback for men.

Remy Pamfiloff

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LUCY (Virgin Vampire #3) by S Cinders

4 Stars – ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

These books are just getting better and better!

Whilst Lucy could be read as a stand alone, there is a wonderful overarching story line that runs through out the series. I would recommend reading the previous two books first, as that would ensure you get the best reading experience possible. The books are fast paced, steamy, RH/menage, vampire romances with a side order of humour and a garnish of adventure. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Lucy, Marcus and Henry’s story, it provided a very fun and pleasant afternoon’s reading. This trio have one heck of a lot of chemistry that will really heat up your e-reader. This is perfectly balanced by an action-packed, adventure filled plot. The length of the book means that we don’t get a massive amount of depth to the characters BUT it really doesn’t matter. They are still very likeable and totally draw you into the story.

This is a set of books I am only to happy to recommend, particularly if you enjoy NA paranormal romance. I really do love the series and can’t wait for Lola’s book.


Raised in the caves, Lucy was taken as a baby and hidden away from those that massacred her family. 

But due to a spell that went wrong, she learns that she not only has two sisters, but she is a twin. 

Now Lucy has to decide if she wants to fight in a war that was not of her choosing. 

Not only that, but she has growing feelings for Henry. Which makes life terribly uncomfortable when she’s already in love with Marcus, Henry’s brother. 

This is the third instalment of the Virgin Vampire series. Each story features a different sister’s journey on her way to love. 


JOANIE – Virgin Vampire 2

A hugely fun vampire reverse harem.

Whilst Joanie could be read as a stand alone story, the ending does segue into the next book and there are also a few ‘lose ends’. I wouldn’t class it as cliffhanger, but the story line is still quite open. I haven’t read Book #1 but had absolutely no problem picking up the plot, understanding the ‘world’ it was set in, or knowing who was whom. There are a few spoilers in this but not enough that it’s put me off catching up and reading Vivian, Virgin Vampire .

This is a wonderful mix of new adult, paranormal, reverse-harem, romantic comedy. It’s written from quite a few pov’s but it’s very easy to know who’s voice you are ‘hearing’ and I found it both easy, as well as extremely enjoyable, to read.

Joanie is a bit crazy, a lot loyal and an altogether wonderful character. She really drew me into the story and was a big part of why I enjoyed this. Whilst Aldren, Adrian and Abel are quite distinct characters, we don’t ‘hear’ their voice enough to really get an in depth feel for them. However this is a light and fun read, so for me that didn’t matter too much.

What you will find is that it has a well thought through plot, with some unexpected twists and intriguing revelations as the story unfolds. It was highly entertaining and left me wanting so much more. I will most certainly be reading Lucy’s story when it is released.

Highly recommended to those who love a steamy vampire story and don’t object to a few laughs along the way.

“99% positive that I was the only person at graduation still carrying her v-card.”

When Joanie’s best friend Vivian goes missing after prom she knows that there is something ‘the parents’ aren’t telling her. 

The more she investigates the stranger things get. But it isn’t until she finds herself kidnapped and craving blood that things really get crazy.

Meet the Triple A’s, three of the hottest triplets known to humankind. Alden, Adrian, and Abel have been tasked with keeping Joanie safe.

The only problem is that they can’t keep their hands off of her–or she can’t keep her hands off of them.

18+ mature language and themes.


5 stars – This is a book I will not forget and would definitely read again.

4 stars – I really enjoyed this book, I might not read it again but I would definitely recommend it to others.

3 stars – This story was good but either forgettable or just very typical of its genre.

2 stars – Whilst the book was readable I either didn’t enjoy parts of the plot or just could not connect to the main characters.

1 star – This is a book I simply could not finish for reasons listed in the review.