Review //\\ The Devil

The Devil (Devil Series #4) by Raven Steele

What a really epic ending to a great series.

The Devil
 is book #4 in a series and cannot be read standalone. It’s written first person, from both Lucian and Eve’s point of view, allowing us to get a real insight into the characters and their motivations. The story is fast-paced with lots of “mini-battles” on the way to the big showdown. And even that didn’t go as expected and threw further twists into the story.

My attention was readily held by the book, the writing flows so well and it was easy to follow the action. It wasn’t until I read the “End of Book Stuff” that I discovered Liam, LLona and May feature in a separate series. I have to admire how well the author wrote these characters into this book, I picked up everything I needed to know without their being an enormous information dump.

The Devil Series is a great urban fantasy series. It’s suitable for mature teens through to adults and will leave you wanting to read the rest of the author’s books!

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Title – The Devil
Author – Raven Steele
Genre – Urban Fantasy
Goodreads –

Our souls are connected. Not even fate can break it.”
The Devil’s Soldier is dead. But he left devastation in his wake. The world has changed. Eve has changed. Demons plague her mind and soul.
I try to hang onto her but she disappears. Becomes someone else. So she can forget. And now I’m on the hunt. But I’m not the only one.
The President and the DSRD also want her.
But what they don’t realize is she is MINE.
I will protect her at all costs, even against herself. For she is my soulmate, bound to me by order of the moon and stars. God help anyone who stands in my way.

This novel was previously published under Rachel McClellan and includes new content.

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