REDEMPTION (Russo Saga #4) by Nicolina Martin

Wow this book is really good, REALLY good.

I read the first Russo Saga book and it’s clear that the author has grown and improved massively since then. Which means I need to go back and read the other 2 books I’ve missed! It took a few chapters for me to really get into the story, though that may have just been more where my head was at than anything else.  At that point though I was gripped and unable to put this down until I’d read every single word of it.

And oh my word how this story battered my emotions again, and again, and again. Goodness knows WHAT Christian will do to earn Kerry’s forgiveness in part two, but he’s going to have to pull out all the stops! This pair have such great chemistry but Christian made the biggest of mistakes, a mistake so bad that coming back from it is almost impossible. A mistake that is costing him again and again. A mistake that took the innocent, bubbly, gentle Kerry and destroyed her, leaving behind a barely function shell of a woman.

Christian is all things bad, yet somehow through his unrelenting misery and pain, the author gives us a glimpse of who he could be. She allows us to begin to forgive the monster who made the wrong choice and begin to love the man who will do anything for those he loves. Kerry is strong even when she is weak, her need to protect the innocent so powerful that she will go to almost any length to do it.

There is going to be a part two, and I’m already chomping at the bit waiting for it. Thankfully the author didn’t leave us on a ‘soap opera’ style cliff-hanger, choosing instead to end at a natural break point. I always find this makes it much easier to pick up the story, since you aren’t at the adrenaline fuelled emotional high the previous book left you at.

If you love your romance to have darker edges, if you love enemies-to-lovers then this is a duet to read.

Redemption: Part one in the Savage duet.

Killing her wasn’t supposed to be complicated.

Drug Kerry Jackson and get rid of her, that was his simple task, but he screwed everything up. Unable to resist the enticing young woman, Christian seduced her – and fell hard. Then it all went to hell. She beat him at his own game and disappeared without a trace.

No one crosses a Russo and gets away with it.

Night after night, their steamy encounters melted Kerry’s will and twisted her mind. Then Christian Russo turned out to be her worst enemy. He robbed her of her innocence, stole her trust, and made her life a living nightmare.

A second encounter would be fatal… for one of them. And Kerry was determined that it wasn’t going to be her.

Redemption is the first part in the Savage duet that will be concluded with Absolution. Redemption ends with a cliff-hanger, but Absolution has a guaranteed HEA. The duet can be enjoyed as a standalone, but the experience will be much more exciting if you have read the previous books in the Russo saga; it also contains a few small spoilers for Shame.


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