Unhinged: A Dark Romance by Nicole Cypher

I’ve not read many books where I don’t know what I want to say in my review of it, but this one has me floundering for some reason.

This was chosen as the Book Of The Month (BOTM) over in the Dark Erotica on Goodreads. I’m fairly certain it was the one I voted for, though that was mainly because unlike most of the options, this was a stand alone story. I don’t have issues with duets, trilogies and series’, I just didn’t want to have yet another story to keep in my head until a later date. Plus this was a new-to-me author and the whole point of joining in with the BOTM is to try new things.

So, on to the book review. There wasn’t any occasion, whilst reading this book, that I got bored or contemplated not finishing it. The plot was engaging and the characters charming, captivating and utterly crazy. However it never really engaged my emotions, so it didn’t quite hit the full 5 stars. It’s still one fantastic book that has a story unlike any other I’ve read and really should be a must read for all lovers of dark, psychological romances.

In some ways the story had everything and yet went nowhere, which isn’t actually a criticism. Whilst there isn’t a great deal that happens ‘physically’, this is very much a story about mental and personal growth, about facing ones demons, followed by understanding, accepting and loving oneself. There are some quite profound moments, the story definitely has hidden depths, though it can also be enjoyed at surface value as a tale of two crazy individuals fitting their broken pieces together to make a beautiful whole.

It was occasionally a little more tell than show for my liking, but the plot was intricate and the writing good enough that it didn’t become a problem. I would also place it towards the lighter end of the dark read spectrum, similar in intensity to a gritty mafia story, rather than plunging the true depths of darkness.

I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this author before, just how have I missed hearing of her? I will definitely be checking out more of her work now that I do know her name.

He didn’t feel love because he’d never had it, and he never felt he’d deserved it.
But he did. Despite the depravity, there was good underneath. The kind you spend your whole life searching for. The kind that would see a broken woman’s scars and think they were beautiful. The kind that would never hurt an innocent person, even if it meant putting themselves through turmoil. The kind that could love 
me , regardless of my past.
I didn’t run from him because he didn’t run from me.
He was my safety.
I was his safety.
And all was not lost for either of us.
“What if I told you there was a way for you to stop.”

Holly, Unhinged


You’d have to be crazy to want a killer. 

I was nobody. A deranged widow. 

He was a psychopath with me as his next target. 

When he took me from my home, he planned to kill me. The creepy room I woke up in with flourescent lighting and an assortment of knives was evidence enough. 

Then he saw my scars, and something changed. 

Instead of killing me, he wants to fix me. 
I might be crazy, but he’s completely Unhinged.

This book is a dark romance, and thus contains dark subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.


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