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The Romeo Effect

Another great rom-com from this talented author.

I’m always amazed at how Lila Monroe manages to produce something new and fresh each time. April and Seth are both eminently likeable characters, a little ‘caricatured’ but that’s part of what I love about the books. So many rom-coms rely on improbable events and unrealistic plot devices for humour. That can’t be said of The Romeo Effect. It won’t have you busting a rib laughing, instead it has a warm, gentle humour that is mixed with great characters and a charmingly wonderful story. Which makes it a superior read in my book.

April and Seth really do have great chemistry and their story held my attention from start to finish. I enjoyed that we got both POV’s, allowing me to really connect with them. There are some incredibly thought provoking and moral questioning moments to add balance to the humour. I loved where the author took this pair and how she avoided the obvious “spanner-in-the-works” situation, which would have been cliched, instead using a different method to ruffle the course of true love.

I never once felt bored whilst reading this. Even when I had to put it down the story and characters were still in my mind (and heart) and I got back to the book as soon as I could. It’s a great rom-com that I happily recommend and best of all, even though it features previous main characters, can easily be read as a stand alone story.

The king of meet-cutes has met his match… Discover the hot and hilarious new stand-alone romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monroe!

Seth Harding is the King of Meet-Cutes. If you get trapped in an elevator with a handsome stranger, or stranded on a moonlit cruise with the man of your dreams, chances are, it’s not fate bringing the two of you together, it’s Seth somewhere, pulling the strings.

At least, that’s what I find out, when someone hires Seth to help win my heart. It would be romantic… if he weren’t all wrong for me. And Mr Right…?

Well, he might just be the guy behind the scenes. 

Suddenly, my faith in soulmates is hitting a major complication. Seth is cynical, and argumentative… and seriously irresistible. Soon, the sparks between us are impossible to ignore. But can this hopeful romantic really find love with a man who engineers happily-ever-afters for a living? And when all the tricks and tests are stripped away, what makes two people truly meant to be?

Find out in the latest laugh-out-loud read from “The reigning queen of romantic comedy”, Lila Monroe! 

Cupids Series:
1. Cupids Anonymous
2. What’s Your Sign?
3. The Romeo Effect
4. The Break-Up Artist (May 2020)


Cupids: Book 3

Publish date: Jan 28th
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